Yep! The boys discovered a mouse today! But first, let me rewind a bit. We are off to the BEST week ever!! Seriously – two of the best mornings….all in one week! I think it can only get better from here…..

Sunday morning we were woken up by Andy (our oldest who has been out with a nasty cold for the last 5 days). He had fallen asleep the evening before at like 6pm and missed dinner. I figured he needed sleep more than food ( we tried to wake him…) so he hadn’t eaten. Well, I think he had a little to much drainage…you know how that can make you a little nauseous. So our wake up was to Andy standing in the doorway to our bedroom wailing “I’m siiiiiiick!” just before he upchucked all over the carpet. Totally the way I want to wake up at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning! (He’s doing much better now.) So we spent the day steam vacc’ing the carpets – hey, it needed to be done, right?

So this morning the boys are getting ready for school – well, just Alex was. And they are all gathered around this little bookshelf with dvd’s on it. And they are kinda excited. Then I realize they have found a MOUSE! Ack! I saw it run out behind the rack and then run back behind our entertainment center! I totally freaked! Seriously, I am such a baby. I don’t do nature, bugs, anything. I mean, spiders are probably tops on my list, but I am positive mice are a close second. Since Matthew had already left for work, I knew he wasn’t going to come back and deal with it. So I called my brother – but he was on his way out the door too. But Tiffany (my sister-in-law) saved the day. She and her two kids showed up a little while later with mouse traps and stuff. For now, I have a glue trap on either side of the entertainment center. We’ll see what happens (and Jenn – I *know* you are dying with laughter right now!!!). Ick – gives me the shivers just thinking about that little rodent.

Funniest part of the whole thing – well, there’s two. First, I am freaking out about it and Andy says “Mommy, we like the mouse, we’re boys!” Ack – no, we do not like the mouse, it will not be our pet!!

Second – when Tiff got here, her 3 yo daughter Brooklyn told her she was coming to rescue Aunt Emily – yep! She’s got that right! I told her that yes, Aunt Emily is a big baby. And I am not ashamed of it either! So if you have mouse catching skillz and are in the area – feel free to stop by, lol!

This week can only get better, right?