Eeeeek! A MOUSE!!!!

Yep! The boys discovered a mouse today! But first, let me rewind a bit. We are off to the BEST week ever!! Seriously – two of the best mornings….all in one week! I think it can only get better from here…..

Sunday morning we were woken up by Andy (our oldest who has been out with a nasty cold for the last 5 days). He had fallen asleep the evening before at like 6pm and missed dinner. I figured he needed sleep more than food ( we tried to wake him…) so he hadn’t eaten. Well, I think he had a little to much drainage…you know how that can make you a little nauseous. So our wake up was to Andy standing in the doorway to our bedroom wailing “I’m siiiiiiick!” just before he upchucked all over the carpet. Totally the way I want to wake up at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning! (He’s doing much better now.) So we spent the day steam vacc’ing the carpets – hey, it needed to be done, right?

So this morning the boys are getting ready for school – well, just Alex was. And they are all gathered around this little bookshelf with dvd’s on it. And they are kinda excited. Then I realize they have found a MOUSE! Ack! I saw it run out behind the rack and then run back behind our entertainment center! I totally freaked! Seriously, I am such a baby. I don’t do nature, bugs, anything. I mean, spiders are probably tops on my list, but I am positive mice are a close second. Since Matthew had already left for work, I knew he wasn’t going to come back and deal with it. So I called my brother – but he was on his way out the door too. But Tiffany (my sister-in-law) saved the day. She and her two kids showed up a little while later with mouse traps and stuff. For now, I have a glue trap on either side of the entertainment center. We’ll see what happens (and Jenn – I *know* you are dying with laughter right now!!!). Ick – gives me the shivers just thinking about that little rodent.

Funniest part of the whole thing – well, there’s two. First, I am freaking out about it and Andy says “Mommy, we like the mouse, we’re boys!” Ack – no, we do not like the mouse, it will not be our pet!!

Second – when Tiff got here, her 3 yo daughter Brooklyn told her she was coming to rescue Aunt Emily – yep! She’s got that right! I told her that yes, Aunt Emily is a big baby. And I am not ashamed of it either! So if you have mouse catching skillz and are in the area – feel free to stop by, lol!

This week can only get better, right?

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  • Oh my gosh! I can TOTALLY relate! Several months ago, I was SO excited because I had the entire day to myself and was planning on spending it in my craft room. Well… as soon as I sat down to stamp, I saw a mouse run across my floor. AH! I am TERRIFIED of mice! And… of course, he HAD to be in my craft room of all places! So I was too afraid to be in there (ruining my entire day!) And then… I get a phone call. I answer, still shaking from seeing the critter… and guess who was on the phone? Gina K! Can you believe that?!? So I’m trying to have a conversation with her — still in total unbelief that I am talking to THE Gina!…. and probably not making a bit of sence b/c of what had just happened.

    I live in a house full of boys too… and they think I’m such a baby!

  • My mom lives about 10 minutes away from you and had a mouse in her kitchen last week. I saved the day by bringing traps and a day later they found it on one of those sticky mats and now the mouse is gone. Here’s hoping you catch it!. Eewww!!!

  • No wayyyyyy man, I’m out on the rodents. Right there with ya.

  • rebecca wheeler

    WE had a mouse in our house last week as well…never, in all our 18 years in this house have we seen a mouse before..My daughter was in the office and I heard her say to the cat “Patches, leave that bug alone, wow that is a big bug, oh my god THAT IS A BIG BUG…OH MY GOD IT IS A MOUSE….each phrase was louder and louder…Hubby went in with the broom…and the mouse ran into the little hole in the speaker…well that went outside pretty quick…and so far, touch wood…no more mice!
    Love your work…thanks for sharing…Rebecca

  • Jean

    I am sooooooooo loving this post….reminds me of several years ago when little Emily was SCREAMING her head off about a tiny spider in the downstairs shower. Oh my gosh……….. love you

  • Kate

    Not to freak you out even more but you might want to forego the glue traps. DCon makes a new hidden one, kinda like roach motel. You don’t have to see it that way. Mice have been known (from experience here…) to get stuck, gnaw off a leg and then proceed to run all over bleeding. Yeah, that’s lovely. Trust me.

    Plus once they get stuck they make LOTS of noises – screaming, squealing, etc. It’s horrible to hear and it makes you realize that the poor little thing (we’re all creatures, right!?!) is suffering. I opt for the quick, “snap it’s dead and didn’t know what hit it” and I don’t have to see it method.

    Just MHO.

  • Linda (LSN on SCS)

    Emily…your post made me chuckle. I don’t have a mouse problem, but apparently others in my neighborhood do. My dear cat Rocky (being the ever dilligent cat that he is) knows who has a mouse problem and does his very best to rid the neighborhood of the offending creatures. Dear Rocky, being the ever loving cat that he is, always likes to bring said rodents home to his mommy whom he loves very much. Sometimes, they will be alive (as Rocky likes to toy with said rodents). We recently purchased a Labrador Retriever puppy who lives up to the name of his breed (are you starting to get the picture of what is happening here). Shadow (who also loves his mommy dearly) would retrieve said mouse carcasses and drop them at his mistresses feet.

    I had a real run of mice there for a while. I think Rocky was having a field day just about the time the evenings started getting colder here in Colorado. I probably had about 5-7 dead mice brought to me within a weeks time (ewwww). And of course you just have to praise the dickens out of the your pets (even though inside you’re just cringing). The funniest thing is hearing a cat meow to your with a mouthful of mouse (they’re trying to announce their arrival so you can praise them). I know that anyone with a cat that is indoor/outdoor can relate. 🙂

    Hang in there! I hope your week will get better (and I know just what it is like to have a kid standing in your doorway getting sick). I once told my co-workers that I was so happy that my kid threw up all over me (cause that meant that I was the one who got all messy, and NOT the carpet).


  • I HATE mice. I was about 10 or 11 and was “using the facilities” in our half bath in our old farmhouse parsonage and one ran up my leg. Ever since then- no way!

  • Dawn

    First lets hope he is still behind the entertainment center where you last saw him and he didn’t run off 🙂 Second where there is one there is more so get a bunch of traps and put them in cupboards like where there’s food etc… Third get a cat friend!

    Dawn I am a laughin here….

  • LOLOL… I think the mouse is your friend on the inside!

  • valerie

    Quick note here to also warn against the glue traps. We discovered the described horrific sight at our trap. Use peanut butter as bait on one of the “snap-you’re-done” styles. Rodents like to follow along wall paths, so place traps there.

    best of luck to you,

  • Lori

    eeehhh…I don’t like rodents. When I was growing up we had a rat problem for a short while. I would run everywhere I needed to go. I did not want my feet touching the floor and I was so afraid of one coming up on my bed while I was sleeping and getting in my mouth. LOL Then a few years ago at our house we had a mouse problem. They were itty bitty things but icky, nonetheless.
    Now we live in an area where mice are inevitable. What was I thinking?? We have fields of fields behind our house and every once in awhile we see little mice running around…or sometimes our cat leaves a present on our front door step! eewww! They even got into a box I had in our backyard shed and tore up the angel topper for our Christmas tree plus whatever else was in that box. They made themselves a nice little baby nest. Silly me for not putting tubs with tight lids out there!

  • Elaine

    Ewww, yuck!! I had mice get in the house a few years ago and thinking about it just gives me the creeps. We set up some traps and finally found out how they were getting in; behind the kitchen sink; we sealed up that area and it seems to have solved the problem; I hope, lol. I haven’t seen any since but I read that they can squeeze in an area the size of a dime (I think it was a dime) and I live in an older home so I just hope there’s no other holes/cracks they can find a way in especially now that it’s almost winter season again. Well, hopefully you will get it caught soon!

  • Julie C.

    Laughing…but not at you…with you! We had a mouse in our garage last week. Set the snapping traps with tootsie rolls as bait. I, too, am not a fan of the sticky paper. We had mice at work once when they were doing some remodeling of the underground part of our building. The exterminator set out the sticky paper and when the mice would get on it they would make all kinds of pitiful noises. It seemed so cruel. Even though they are stuck you still have to deal with a live mouse. The dead one on the snap trap is not fun either. I will not touch it one way or the other! If something happened to my men at home I’d have to call the fire department out to dispose of it. That’s ok, right? I’m a taxpayer!!!!

  • Eww I love catchignuninvited guests. I love the glue traps cuz they work. ;]
    I don’t care if they die trying to chew off a leg. They weren’t invited and theycarrydisease after all. Plus they chew through important stuff in your attic. No mice in the new house,…not yet the neighbors cats patrol our yard though and have left several for us to dispose of. :} Includign moles so that’s cool, mybulbs havea fightign chance if they canget thmall this year!

    I used for years in my late 1800’s home the mouse poison.. theyate itlek kids and candy. mind you we’d have 8 caught a year. The exterminator said if you see 1 you have 11 more you don’t know about. ew!!
    This is in New England though where they move in every fall and out in the spring..

    The problem though was always when the spring thaw came you could smell dead rotting mice carcus ( sp) What a treat right?
    But not find them in the walls or ceiling or whatever… so it works top notch… but you can’t often find them to remove them thenyou have 2 weeks of odiforous disgust in the thaw….
    I can’t beleive you are afraid. lol It’s too funny.
    I kill spiders with my hands but my sil picks them up to let them out and calls me cruel :}

    Now one time there was a snake that was coiled up in front of my dryer .. a protected poisonous one. again uninvoted.. I freaked out.

    I had no idea they were protected at the time….. it was upright at me.. like ready to strike had I not noticed it.. it gave off a musky scent.. snake lovers know what I’m talking about.. So I ran upstairs throught the wet grass in bare feet… night time afraid my yard was full of them. I came back with a shovel and chopped the thing..

    I had red blood

    (which surprised me for some reason)
    all over my basement floor……. I made my ex come over and dispose of it as my hubby then b/f was working… my ex came in and threw a piece of black washer hose at me and made me scream like the dickens scaring our son who was upstairs….. and freakignout my b/f as he was walkign inthe celler door at that point… good thign he did n’t get thebilly club!!.What a funny nightmare.. it was 11 years ago but in the retelling I think my blood pressure has risen. :}

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