CC140 and another ornament idea…or two!

Y’all are going to be sick of these ornaments!   I had an idea on how you could make them really kid friendly if you were so inclined.  I know that a lot of kid crafts for the tree tend to be either large or um…..not so cute??  I mean, I know – my kid made, I love it!  But seriously, you know what I mean.  So I thought if I punched every other circle white and let them decorate it, it would be a cute gift for grandparents or something – but still a cute ornament for their tree!  If you are a grandparent to my children – don’t look!

Oh – and I intended for them to use a nice solid, like red or green….but the boys went right for the Christmas patterned papers!

And here is how theirs turned out – the little one is because they just had to make a ‘baby’ ornament…




Cute, huh?  Then I thought hey – bet if I used the square punch I could do a cool diamond shaped ornament…..I’m not wild about it, but you can do it!


supplies: giga scalloped square punch (8 punches); SU patterned paper; organdy ribbon; tape and mono multi. 

And now for the Color Challenge – you can find more info on CC140 <here>.  The colors are Purely Pomegranate, Kraft and white.  I used the combo to make up the monogram gift set we are doing at a Christmas Gifts class December 1st.  I am not sure this will be the exact combo we will do as I am not completely satisfied with it.  But here’s my CC140 sample:


supplies: SU sets Baroque Motifs and Letterpress Alpha; perfect plumeria Versamagic Dew Drop Ink; wide organdy ribbon; purely pomegranate, kraft and white cardstock; and giga scalloped rectangle punch. 

So far – no mice in the traps.  This is good and bad….cause they are still out there, but I haven’t had to see another one yet!

5 comments to CC140 and another ornament idea…or two!

  • How cute!! I would love to let my boys make some ornaments for the tree this year. Your monogrammed cards are amazing! I love that ribbon!!

  • Their ornaments are so sweeeeet!

  • Elaine

    Great idea for the kids. I like how you mixed the drawings on white paper with patterned paper. The boys did a great job!

    The square ornament is cute too.

    Love the stamp used on the card. It a nice look with the monogram.

  • Lori

    Thank you for the kid-friendly ornament idea. I am a daycare provider and am always looking for ideas. These are simple and cute, and allow me to share my love of papercrafting.

  • cathy

    Wow the boys did a great job on their ornaments. The square ornament is a great idea and is very cute. I love the monogram cards. I just love seeing your creative and talented artwork.

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