Sneak Peek~!

I can’t show you the whole thing because it requires explanation, etc.  And I have to go find some flat dress shoes because I do *not* want to be hobbling at Matthew’s work Christmas Party this evening.  (Yes, I am still having foot issues!)  I don’t own any dress shoes that aren’t high heels, lol!  Wish me luck on finding some flats I don’t find hideous!

Anyway, here’s your sneak peek!  It’s something new that will be in my *shop page* this weekend!  And yes, the rest will be updated as well!


There ya go – wanna guess what it is?  Oh – and not as many hives today, so that is good!  It was caused by one of 5 things:

allergic reaction to antibiotics for sinus infection

allergic reaction from viral infection (if the sinus issue wasn’t bacterial) and the antibiotics

rash from viral infection

nerves/anxiety (doubt this one because I’m not anxious, and I’ve def.  been more so at other times and not had this)

topica/environmental (also doubtful because it was all over – and I did *not* rub all over my body with anything! LOL!)

Thank you for all the well-wishes!

12 comments to Sneak Peek~!

  • Mary Campbell

    very pretty. My guess is a journal to keep up with all the birthdays of loved ones and friends. Looks pretty. Mary

  • Jean

    I think it is a birthday calendar … hope you have a great evening out.

  • Oooh, such pretty paper, and my guess would be that it is a birthday calendar as well to keep up with everyone’s b-days this upcoming year. 🙂 On my list of things to do as well.

  • Chris

    Well, I am not guessing because I know! And I love it – the paper is beautiful!!

  • Rachel M.

    Looks beautiful!

  • Oh i can’t wait to see it! I hope I even get to the shop in time to buy it!!

  • Carol Lee

    looks like a little book to note special birthdays. The colors are beautiful, so I can’t wait to see it 🙂

  • Tex

    Ahhhhhhh! Nice to hear the hives are going down a bit … although they just need to BE GONE!

    Guesses??!! I love guesses! It’s a Birthday Dates Journal/Notekeeper!

    BTW … Love the paper and the font!


  • Beatrice

    Nice sneak peak and I am guessing it is a Notebook to keep all of your Birthdays and related stuff up to date! As for your hives, my daughter Laura had the same thing three years ago. The children’s hospital told us that it was an allergic reaction to the virus she had. It was really bad and lasted for a good week. Hope you feel better soon. Cheers, Beatrice

  • Diane Lapointe

    Looks awesome,I will guess a Birthday calendar as well! Can’t wait to see the
    bottom half.

  • Valerie

    I think it is a book to keep birthday info in or maybe it is a rally cool card for a birthday. My sister broke out in hives when she took some kind of antibiotic for a sinus infection. Hope your done itching soon.

  • Pam

    I hope you got some comfy shoes! Glad to hear your hives are better! My first thoughts were that you were allergic to the antibiotics they gave you!

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