I can’t show you the whole thing because it requires explanation, etc.  And I have to go find some flat dress shoes because I do *not* want to be hobbling at Matthew’s work Christmas Party this evening.  (Yes, I am still having foot issues!)  I don’t own any dress shoes that aren’t high heels, lol!  Wish me luck on finding some flats I don’t find hideous!

Anyway, here’s your sneak peek!  It’s something new that will be in my *shop page* this weekend!  And yes, the rest will be updated as well!


There ya go – wanna guess what it is?  Oh – and not as many hives today, so that is good!  It was caused by one of 5 things:

allergic reaction to antibiotics for sinus infection

allergic reaction from viral infection (if the sinus issue wasn’t bacterial) and the antibiotics

rash from viral infection

nerves/anxiety (doubt this one because I’m not anxious, and I’ve def.  been more so at other times and not had this)

topica/environmental (also doubtful because it was all over – and I did *not* rub all over my body with anything! LOL!)

Thank you for all the well-wishes!