Bonus Pts for those of you who guessed that it was a Birthday Calendar! (except for you, Mom!  You knew already!)  I had a custom order to work on this week and that’s why I haven’t had much to show y’all! It was 4 gift sets that included: a lunch tin, a beaded pen, a post-it note holder, a notebook and a Birthday Calendar that all matched. So first, I’ll show you the gift sets – and I really think they turned out lovely – if I can say that about something I made myself!

(I’m not listing the info on all the products I used to make these, but I will list the paper used for each one and a set of links to the tutorials at the end.)

Oh! Baby Boy Gift set (basicgrey)


Key Lime Pie (Fancy Pants)


Dutch Girl (Cosmo Cricket)


Infuse Gift Set (basicgrey)


Tutorial links:

beaded pens

post-it note holders

lunch tins

target notebooks

And the Birthday Calendar….actually – let me save that for another post after church! It’s time for me to get out the door – but I promise to post more up close pics and the details when I get back, ok?