Birthday Calendars

Okay – here’s the info on the Birthday Calendars! Chris wanted the custom gift sets and asked about a Birthday Calendar or having me include extra paper that matched so she could cover some that she could purchase elsewhere. Then I got to thinking…I have a bind-it-all, I have a Carl cutter – this is totally doable! So I went to work! Matthew made me a template in Word so that I can print the months out and then cut them lengthwise with my Carl cutter.


The sheets end up as 4 1/4 x 11. So just a regular 8.5×11 sheet cut in half. I used SU’s whisper white so they are nice and smooth. As you can see on this one – I remembered to punch the holes in the middle with my crop-a-dial so that it can be hung on the wall with a nail. This step must be done *before* you bind your calendar! I forgot about it on the first two – or rather, I didn’t get that great idea until then!


I did the covers by cutting some of that thinner cardboard that comes with 12×12 paper – like when you order it by the package or order it online? I cut those to be just slightly bigger than the calendar pages. Then I cut some matching patterned paper and stuck that on with mono multi – and I’m not perfect so I do any necessary trimming at this point! I used the bind-it-all here and did both covers in the machine at once. Then I split the pages in two stacks of 6 and punched those – I didn’t measure, I just eye-balled it to center it. It lined up really nicely! I used 1/2 in coils for mine. Because of the thickness of the covers, I found this to be a good size. If you used something thinner for the covers, you would be better off with a smaller coil.


Here’s the way it looks opened up after it’s been coiled. I wrapped a ribbon around the top to dress it up a little – it’s 11 inches long – it needed something, lol! I made the label in PSE 5 and printed those out and punched them with my marvy punches. I just glued my scalloped oval down with mono because I didn’t want it sticking out on dimensionals to get caught on stuff.


Here they all are! I definitely learned more as I went. The first two didn’t have the holes punched for hanging on the wall. Two of them don’t have the coil ‘seam’ (if you have a bind-it-all, you know what I am talking about) inside the calendar instead of outside. Any questions?

Ok – that’s it! They were pretty simple once I got going! I used my sister’s fonts – but please be aware – they are free for PERSONAL use. This would be commercial use if you were to make them and sell them. Then you would need to contact her about pricing. Just a note as a lot of people don’t realize that about fonts! Ok – they are being added to the *shop* page right now. I will be adding more things throughout the day (like a whole new batch of gift sets!), but I gotta go grocery shopping right now!

**ETA** For the month names I used the font Love Ya Like A Sister and for the tag on the front I used one she used to sell in her digi store – Drives Too Fast. I’m sorry – it’s not currently available unless you have the sister-hook-up, lol!**

16 comments to Birthday Calendars

  • jenn

    too cute!! love it!! love it!! so talented!!

  • These are really cool Emily!! All your projects are really making me want that Bind-it-All right now!! I’m hoping to get one soon after Christmas, but I might just have to splurge on one sooner! I wonder if my DH would notice me sneaking it in the house lol!

  • Denise

    These are so cute Emily! I was looking at your sister’s fonts and I can’t figure out which ones you used…they are all so cute! I think the one for “January” is either Love Ya Like a Sister or Color Me Purple, but I can’t find one with a “B” like in Birthday Calendar on the fronts. Can you help? These are adorable – thanks for sharing them!

  • They’re beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  • Pam

    How fun! I love both those fonts!

  • Elaine

    I can’t believe it; lol! I had thought about making a book for birthdays but mine will be a little different. But I like how you did yours. Very nice.

  • Diane Lapointe

    Wow!Those are the best!!! What a perfect idea,I need one of those!! They are beautiful!

  • Debbie Fisher

    Love it Emily! I just ordered a BIA last nite (but have to wait until after Christmas to use it Ü) to make bd calendars, address books etc with it and then I see you post one! I have made many bd books using my coil binder and with metal rings and wanted to try some with a BIA. I love how yours turned out!

  • LOVE these! they are fantastic!!

  • AHHHH this is sooo cute.. I am sooo going to case it!! LOL THANK YOU SOO MUCH.. man I’ve been trying to catch up w/your posts as I’ve been a busy bee myself and haven’t had a chance to come over to your side of the blog world.. and I come and see such a nice lil gift I am going to make for my son’s teacher! 🙂 Thank you darling as always!


  • These are so pretty, and I love the papers!

  • […] can see my original post with directions on making these calendars <here>.   My printer is just a cheapie one so I don’t think I’ll be printing my papers a […]

  • Cindy_lee

    I love thses Calenders,Emily! So beautiful!!!

  • Maddin McCord

    Hi-do you still make and sale those birthday calendars? I would be interested in buying.

    Thank you,

  • Emily

    I actually do not, but would be happy to email you the file.

  • Robin

    I came across your site today while searching for birthday calendar templates. I was wondering if you could send it to me as well.


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