The past few days have been insane! Let’s see…..I’ve made: 2 birthday calendars, 2 lunch tins, countless cards, 12 cello bags of nuggets, 6 tins with nuggets, 4 sets of blocks……and probably other stuff I have forgotten about! Oh yeah and I finished digiscrapping my present for the parents and grandparents. Oh and I mailed about 50 christmas cards (and that just means I licked and stamped them)……OY!

Oh yeah! And yesterday I spent all day at the elementary school making stuff with Alex’s class and then went to Andy’s party – Adam hung out the whole time with me. And poor Alex started saying his ear hurt. Last night he came in just crying and crying – so I was up most of the night rubbing his back. Yep, took him in today, he’s got an ear infection with a blister on his ear drum – poor kid! Dude – he’s almost 6 – I thought they outgrew that stuff!! Arg!

Anyway – here are a few pics of some of the stuff. Sorry – no pics of the nugget stuff – it was after 2am when I finished it up and I just didn’t take the time to do pics.


supplies: blocks, fruitcake basicgrey papers, sanding blocks, MM rub ons, plaid acrylic sealant, tattered angels shimmer spray.


And I really have no use for these – but I just fell in love with the Holly Jolly papers from Fancy Pants – just so so cute and bright and fun!


supplies: acrylic white paint; wood blocks; fancy pants holly jolly papers; white rubon letters from MM; plaid acrylic sealant in matte; sanding blocks.


Ok, off to pick up the rest of my stuff from costco’s photo lab so I can try to get my christmas presents in the mail with a prayer of a chance of actually arriving on time!





6 comments to WHEW~

  • hope his ear is better soon – I went through this with my 3yo (same exact thing). beautiful projects as always!!

  • Jean

    That snow set is adorable…love those colors, and the noel set is very pretty. You were a busy girl! I hope the medicine starts helping Alex.

  • Diane Lapointe

    Wow you’ve been a busy!!!Those blocs are really nice!!

  • My oldest is 8 and she still gets ear infections! I hope he is on the mend soon! Merry Christmas!

  • Loving the Fancy Pants papers.

    I saw the blocks at the LSS. They were 12 for $13.99.

    I thought that was kinda steep so I didn’t get them.

    Should I go back and buy them really quick??

    My oldest is 17 and stillgets ear infections.. he had his first at age 2 weeks andI WAS A NON SMOKING BREAST FEEDING MOM…SO MUCH FOR THAT!

    My hubby and I still get them and I am 40!

    So Ibuprofen and tylenol work wonders together if he’s up at night & or a warm not to hot heating pad helps my hubby and I .. kids too but only in our bed with the heating pad.. I’m a freak about potential dangers….

    Merry Christmas!!
    Hope the lil’ guy feels better.

    I spent all dayat our elementary school like you as well.

    I am beat today!! Then up till 2 making crafts and trying to clean up after myself…

    Ilove that as insanely busy as you are youu still post togive usa break formour chores as well. :}
    I hope you find Peace with your frst Christmas with MamaK & the girls so far away. (((cvyber hugs))))
    ps she has Christmas first… are you jealous?? lol

  • UHHH! What? We don’t get to see it all! LOL! Great blocks!

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