Too sweet~!

I got the sweetest package in the mail today! Katie R – I LOVE it! She set me a little gnome with a book all about gnomes! Andy – my 7 yo – sat down and read the entire thing immediately and then we had to discuss where to put the little guy. Andy informed me that one of the gnomes ‘foes’ is thieves. So we decided that since he was small and cute, we should keep him inside (the book says they can live inside and out, lol!)


Anyway – he’s totally cute and thank you so much Katie! And thank you to all of you who have sent me beautiful Christmas cards! I’m lame and didn’t make them (I chose to do gifts instead of cards -My theory is that I would rather send a handmade card for an occasion where it won’t necessarily be one in a pile…..or maybe I just don’t wanna make piles of the same card, lol!). But I’ve got all the ones that have been mailed to me and the boys love looking through them. (Especially all ones with penguins – they love those little guys!)

And one more set of blocks – these are 2 in blocks I made for my SIL.


supplies: 2 in wooden blocks, basicgrey fruitcake papers; white acrylic paint; mod podge; MM rub on letters; plaid acrylic sealant in matte; and sanding blocks.

I hope you are all ready for Christmas! I picked up my last present today (one of the boys is getting that adorable Cuttlebug for kids!) and I am finished! I am taking the boys to get something for Matthew tomorrow, but that’s it! Good luck if you have more shopping here. I was at Old Navy returning something last night and their sign on the door said they open at 5 AM Saturday – wowzers! So glad I won’t be there at 5 AM!

3 comments to Too sweet~!

  • Jodi Pierceall

    I must say, Emily, I really like the look of the larger, thicker font on the Blocks. What a gorgeous set, also. Love the crafting that you do. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Jean

    I was out shopping today and it was CRAZY but fun even with the sleet and subsequent snowstorm. Looks so Christmasy here.

    I also like the thicker font….shows up a little better. Love your choice in papers …you have a great eye for comlimentary colors.

    HoHoHo…only 2 days to go…

  • Jean

    ok I do know how to spell…just went a bit too quick there

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