Totally not craft related…

Just a warning in case you came for that. This is a totally random post about nothing really. Just about me, lol! So feel free to not read!

We did nothing crafty today – we went to the zoo! So I thought I’d share my favorite picture from today! Alex being….well, Alex!


Can you believe we went to the zoo – with just jackets?? Well, Adam wore gloves…but that’s just Adam. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 64!! So crazy.

And now for the really random part. I’ve been growing my hair for awhile. I decided earlier this month it was just getting out of control long. Here’s a shot from May – and it was even longer than in this picture. (not the best pic to show it, but it’s adorable, lol!)


So earlier this month I got 5 inches cut off. It feels so much better! And it’s shorter than just 5 inches because the weight of it is so much lighter, it curls all the more now.  I love it – even though I did have to go back because one side was an inch longer – oops! Anyway – here it is straight (I only do that when they do it for me, I do not have the time, patience or arm length to do it myself!) and curly (the curly one was today when we went to the zoo.) I used Bren Boone’s lightroom actions on these….



So how was that for random? I do have something to show you tomorrow (Sunday – it’s like midnight now….) and even a sweet deal for ya too!

18 comments to Totally not craft related…

  • Cara

    Loving your hair!!! Both ways. Just that little bit off really makes a difference. So pretty. Also, nice shirt…I love Park City.

  • Fun, I love the zoo. Your hair is still long and looks great .You are such a cutie pie. Looks like you are figuring out the new camera just fine!!!

  • Kathy D

    Oh, Emily, of course I want to read about YOU! The zoo trip must have been a great time (love the weather!). And your hair is drop dead gorgeous (I know, no one feels that way about the hair they have!) whether you are wearing it short or long, straight or curly.

  • Carol

    Reading posts like this just helps us to get to know you on a more personal level and I enjoy it. You are one lucky girl to have such curly hair but it looks great straight too.
    Your son looks like he had a great time at the zoo just being a kid. Enjoy that mild weather because I have a feeling it’s not going to stay that way very long!

  • Love both the hair styles – saw Enchanted at the cinema on friday with my girls – your hair reminds me of the leading lady – both when curly and straight.

  • Peggy Maier

    The picture with the monkeys is just TOO cute! LOL! Your hair is so gorgeous – love the color, cut, everything… I always wanted curly hair, but only got waves! You’re really blessed to have such sweet kids, enjoy them while you can – those days fly by so quickly.

  • Love the hair!!!! Jealous you’re in TX and have that incredible weather. We’re still buried under snow!!! Of course, I also remember some serious fire ants. LOL (OK, I hope you laugh about that now). Gorgeous hair; I cut 3 inches off mine about a month ago and it’s amazing how much lighter it feels; it’s about the same length as yours! Happy New Year.

  • Charlene H.

    Don’t mind me – but I LOVE YOUR STRAIGHT HAIR! I can say that because I have natural curly hair like you. About 2 years ago I cut it short because I had the same hairstyle for about 30 years or so and thought I was due for a change. Now I have to straighten my hair everyday because the curls go all kerfluey (not sure if that is a word) if I leave it natural. Most people with curly hair want straight hair and most with straight hair want curly hair. I like my curly hair because I can have it straight or curly (when it’s long enough). We are very lucky hair people Emily!

  • Ha ha, love the shot with the ‘3’ monkeys!! Your hair is fabulous, our granddaughter’s hair is a dark auburn and I simply love it.

    I did not remember you were Kimberly’s sister until you mentioned her new fonts! I used to read her blog all the time but now that I use Google reader I had missed her posts. For some reason I can’t get reader to give me feed on her blog. I really see the resemblance, especially when you straightened your hair. Funny what a small world this www makes. 🙂

  • Brooklyn (tiffany)

    Aunt Emily I like your hair. I want to have straight hair too.
    Maybe one day mommy will straighten mine. So when are we having Scones??? can I come and help bake with you next time. Can I have a new picture of you an me for my purse? I love you Emiwey, Brookie

  • Emily – your hair is sooo gorgeous I love it both ways!! 🙂 The zoo looked like a lot of fun!! I love the pic of your little one with the monkeys so cute! Have a fab day!

  • That pic of Alex cracks me up. Love your hair!!

  • I would kill for your curls!!!!!

  • Sherri aka sherristampsalot

    Your hair is gorgeous curly AND straight!! I have ultra-straight and have always wanted curly so I find myself being jealous of those of you with such gorgeous curls! LOL! Sounds like ya’ll had a great day at the zoo! Hugs…

  • I love your curls!!

  • Thanks for sharing your randomness!! My life seems random all the time! 🙂

    Love all your photos — the one of Alex and his “friends” is terrific! Also, your hair is gorgeous long or short, curly or straight!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Great pictures! Love your hair, both ways… lovely color. :o) Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  • Holly

    Hey- love your blog (just finishing up one of the Target mailbox projects!). I see by your zoo pix that you must live near me – cool! Keep on stamping & scrappin’!

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