Just a warning in case you came for that. This is a totally random post about nothing really. Just about me, lol! So feel free to not read!

We did nothing crafty today – we went to the zoo! So I thought I’d share my favorite picture from today! Alex being….well, Alex!


Can you believe we went to the zoo – with just jackets?? Well, Adam wore gloves…but that’s just Adam. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 64!! So crazy.

And now for the really random part. I’ve been growing my hair for awhile. I decided earlier this month it was just getting out of control long. Here’s a shot from May – and it was even longer than in this picture. (not the best pic to show it, but it’s adorable, lol!)


So earlier this month I got 5 inches cut off. It feels so much better! And it’s shorter than just 5 inches because the weight of it is so much lighter, it curls all the more now.  I love it – even though I did have to go back because one side was an inch longer – oops! Anyway – here it is straight (I only do that when they do it for me, I do not have the time, patience or arm length to do it myself!) and curly (the curly one was today when we went to the zoo.) I used Bren Boone’s lightroom actions on these….



So how was that for random? I do have something to show you tomorrow (Sunday – it’s like midnight now….) and even a sweet deal for ya too!