My first Hybrid project!

We got a new printer last month so I decided I would try a hybrid project. Technically, I think that just means that you print out some digital products and use them. For this, I printed out some digital papers and used them to make a birthday calendar. I think it turned out pretty good. I by no means want to print my own paper though. It wasn’t even on both sheets and I bet it took a LOT of ink! But this was for someone specific and I wanted to use her papers to make it.

So here it is!


supplies: white cardstock; thin cardboard for covers; printed pages from Amanda Rockwell’s kit Happiness; Bind-it-all; 1/2 in brown zutter coils; crop-a-dial; plaid acrylic sealant to seal the papers (I thought that might prevent bleeding or something…); and grosgrain ribbon.

You can see my original post with directions on making these calendars <here>. My printer is just a cheapie one so I don’t think I’ll be printing my papers a lot. But it was fun to try this!

And one funny picture from last night….our kids actually made til midnight!  In fact, Matthew and I were sitting on the couch until about 1am waiting for them to fall asleep so we could go to bed, lol!  My nephew stayed the night with the boys – he’s the one in the Spiderman pj’s.  This is them toasting in the new year with their sparkling cider….


I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve/Day!  I’m exhausted and counting down the minutes til bed time and it’s only 6pm!  I had high hopes of crafting today…..but I’m too tired!  We did get all the Christmas stuff put away and the lights down.  That’s something, right?

8 comments to My first Hybrid project!

  • I know what you mean! I had intentions of crafting away the day, but it sooo did not happen as I got to go spend a day buying car parts….I hope that is no sign of what the New Year is to bring!

  • Linda F. Wilson

    What an adorable picture! Bet the boys thought they were drinking the “real” stuff. Too cute.

  • Your birthday calendar turned out great!! I love the picture too! So cute!

    Happy New Year!

  • Leslie Springer

    That is a WAY Cute Picture! My kids stayed up for the New Year too! I made it to 12:30, they made it to 1:00!! Go figure!!

    I wanted to make it a stampin day today too. Went to Ben Franklin. Unadvertised closeing at 3pm today. I got a whole 15 minutes to shop with a 40% off coupon! Boy was I mad!

    Let just say uneventfully 1st day of the year! There is always tomorrow!

  • Great picture!! I bet they’ll all get a good chuckle out of it when they’re older. Your project is awesome! I had high hopes that today would be productive, but it wasn’t. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow!

  • Regina

    your blog is wonderful! I read your blog often and I am totally impressed!
    It is a very nice foto of the children!
    the Calendar is great stuff.
    Thank you for sharing and
    Happy New Year!

  • Love your paper choice, your calendar ROCKS!

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