A sweet birthday card and No School?!?!

Yeah.   So I thought they boys went back to school today.  Not that I was ready for them to go back or anything (um YES I am!!!  They are driving me crazy, lol!  They are stir crazy and constantly at each other!)…..So today we are all ready to go, running right on time.  We drive up to school and wait – why are we the ONLY ones here?  Oh cr*p!  So I call my brother-in-law who is a teacher in our district….yup, no school until TOMORROW!  Ooops!  There goes my plans for productivity today!  The boys were stoked when I told them they did a great job on the practice run – they wanted to go home and watch cartoons!

And I have another girlie birthday card to share.   I got some more A Muse sentiments (love those!) and had to use one.  I don’t have any plans for this card, I just like it!


supplies: A Muse sentiment; Junkitz cupcake paper; dimensionals; scalloped rectangle punch (2 of them pieced together to make a large square); stardust stickles; palette noir ink; A Muse notecard; and white ruffled ribbon

And your up-close shot of the sparkles!

Oh – and ya know how I worked out last week…..first time in a loooong while?  Dude!  I felt so out of shape – I was sore for 2 days!  Like – could hardly walk sore!  The zoo was so NOT fun when every step was painful, lol!  But, the next workout was better.  And I am ready for this mornings – and I am actually looking forward to it!  Feels good to be back at it again!  So if you are interested in 30 mins of pure torture – yes, this is how I look at this workout! – this is a great one!  It’s all her and a trainer and it’ll kick your butt!

And don’t forget about the FREE stickles offer!

Go to Scrapbookpal.com.

Purchase *anything*!

Add the coupon code snow on the view cart page (Just type snow into the box for coupons and click *add to cart* and the free stickles will appear!  You do not need to add the stickles to your card first!)

That’s it!  And in case you needed something to purchase – I highly recommend the Mono Multi!  It’s the Best Glue Ever!  And they have the cheapest price I’ve ever seen – I always order mine there!

The coupon will expire 1/15/08!

6 comments to A sweet birthday card and No School?!?!

  • Heidi

    I love this card Emily! That ribbon is too cute!

  • Sweet! Thanks for the info and awesome card. My baby turns 5 on Feb 1st. ;]
    you can feel free to send it to her for me to keep. lol
    Funny about thepractice school run Emily!
    My kids did indeed return today…….but Gram brought them as they spent the night there cuz our danged well broke yesterday and we just got it fixed an hour ago! I cna shower now so the kids may return home.. I was in the shower just stepped in andpoof. water is GONE ( WIMPER) Mother won’t be such a bear and they may flush the potty.;]

  • Carol

    Your story is all too familiar LOL Once I returned to work a day after a holiday, completely oblivious to the fact that we had a “floating holiday” that day!! I sat there for nearly 15 minutes before reality sank in and I went back home again LOL
    The card is cute and I love that ruffled ribbon! It just makes the card:) TFS

  • Great story, school got out early a day and I did not know so my kids were not picked up. I guess we all make mistakes, but they make for cute stories. Love the card

  • I’ve wondered how Caman Electra’s work out was! Good to know it’s THAT good!! The card is SO cute!

  • Elaine

    Cute card!

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