Backpack Tags

I have made these before, but the boys needed new ones. I found some images that were just perfect for each of them – mostly from A Muse – and I finally got around to making these. I did them each two sided so they could pick two things to “represent” them. So here they are!

(Oh, and I make these using luggage/badge id holders from Walmart – they are found on the office supply aisle and are about $1.50 for 10 of them. I use the ball-and-chain keychain type thingies to hang them on their backpacks.)  You can see more info on my original post about there <here>.

Here is the first side of them:

For the first side Andy chose the mad scientist since he loves science, Adam chose the red robot – his two favorite things, and Alex got the rockstar guitarist.


supplies: A Muse images and polka dot alpha; white red, wild wasabi, black and ballet blue cardstock; lots of inks; SU alpha for Andy’s name; walmart ID holders and silver sakura glitter pen.

For the other side they got these: Andy chose the lion – his school’s mascot, Adam again went with the Red Robot, and Alex got a Super hero colored as closely to Superman as possible….he wanted me to draw the symbol on his costume, but I told him I am not that talented!


supplies: same as above only the lion image is from Wild About You from SU.

I am going to add these as another customize-able option in my “for sale” page. I wish the boys would have let me add ribbons, but you know how boys are, lol!

10 comments to Backpack Tags

  • Hey Emily, it’s Amy
    sorry I haven’t gotten back to you since before Christmas. It’s been a bit crazy here.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you could send me my totals for the tags you got for me. I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks a bunch.
    I can’t wait to get started on those tags. Although, I don’t know if mine will even come close to the awesomeness of yours.

  • Hi Emily! I have tried to send you a return email about my tags I asked about before, but I am having no such luck with email lately… Could you email me about them?

  • Kathy W

    These are so cute! Great idea for backpacks or even for luggage. And the A Muse stamps have such great images for kids. Thanks for sharing.

  • These are so cool!!!! What a great idea. I am sure your guys will get LOTS of complements on them 🙂


  • Julie C.

    Way cute!!! I know their teachers will LOVE them too!

  • Emily I was inspired to make some after I saw yours. I posted them on my blog/ I linked to your blog letting everyone know that you were the great brain behind the idea. I hope that’s ok. If not I’ll remove it. let me know.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas. I SO love coming here everyday to see what’s new.

  • i have been coming to your site for along time just never posted, i love all you do so many cute projects, the ones you just finished backpack tags are adoreable,
    i would love to make for gd, ho do i get infomation on supplies need to buy
    would appreciate hearing ,
    thanks jeannie

  • These are too darn cute! I am going to head over to Walmart later to pick some up. I think I’m going to make my tags digitally, though. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  • These are really cute. thanks for the tip of finding the name badges at Walmart.

  • denise

    Those are sooo fun! I saw the names & couldn’t believe they were the same names as my 3 boys, plus I also have an Anna. At least she’d let me attach ribbons to her tag. Thanks for the inspiration!

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