Love blocks, Superman cakes and a PRIZE~!

So what do you want to see first?  How about the Superman cake?  So first, I think I’ll tell you the series of mistakes I made, lol!  Let’s see – first you should read ALL the directions before you make the cake.

Mistake #1 – not reading all the directions before I put the cake mix in the pan…..I got the part about greasing the pan, but not the part about sprinkling flour after that.  It worked out ok, but the cake didn’t quite take to the mold as well as it should.

Mistake #2 – using a chocolate cake mix – it did not show any of the lines of the mold.

Mistake #3 – actually following their tip to ice the cake with a thin layer of white before starting the decorating.  This obliterated all evidence of lines completely.  I had to completely free-hand the lines based on the picture.   And I suck at drawing.

Mistake #4 – not having black icing.  I used a small tube of black gel icing to do the outlines.  It didn’t hold shape quite as well….or dry really ever!

However – it turned out pretty good!  At least the boys were quite impressed!  Not too shabby for my first try.  I don’t know that I’d ever do it again – unless it was for one of the boys and they really wanted it.  It was not fun – a labor of love and I’d only do it because I love them!


And now for some LOVE blocks.  I made these yesterday using some of the new Fancy Pants Crush papers – they are really pretty!  I got a bunch of different Valentine papers to try out and these were the first I cut in to.  Watch for some of the others!  I got mine at A Cherry On Top because they had the most variety at the time.  These blocks are on the for sale page if you like them!


supplies: mod podge; acrylic matte sealant; Fancy Pants Crush papers; american crafts rub ons; sanding block; white acrylic paint; 1.5 in wood blocks. 

And lastly – a little prize to prep for the tutorial tomorrow!  (Or I guess by the time you read this – today!)  I’m giving away a mailbox with some Valentine goodies!


prize: red Target mailbox, two sheets of rhinestones in Valentine colors; Valentine ribbons; and two stamps. 

And here’s what you need to do to win!

1. Comment on this post and tell me what you would most like a tutorial on!

2. Deadline for prize drawing is Monday, January 14th at 9pm CST.

3. Winner will be drawn using the Random Number Generator. 

Alright!  That’s all you need to do!  And look for the tutorial!

204 comments to Love blocks, Superman cakes and a PRIZE~!

  • Nancy K.

    I wanted to say I wanted a tutorial on the blocks. Then you have that done. Then I was going to say the Mailbox, but you did that too! So I am thinking can you help a person that wants to know how to blog? I make jewelry, paper bag scrap books, cards, oh so many things, I want to get it out there too! I just have no idea where to start. I love so many things on your blog, I get lost everyday. I also, enjoy making the beaded pens, I have altered them a bit, but hey, going to hit the local stores with them here soon!

  • Christine C.

    What a great mailbox tutorial!!! Would love to see just about any kind of tutorial…maybe something with chipboard? I’ve bought a bunch of chipboard shapes but have no idea what to do with them!!!

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  • Fabulous job on the cake! How are your hands holding up? No one ever notices all the mistakes but the person making the cake. I have done major surgery over the years and pulled through in the end. Great Job! Thanks for sharing such a cute mail box Tutorial I will have to give it a try.

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