So I meant to get this up earlier today….but I got a little wrapped up in the football games. Sad day for the Colts….but at least I still have the Packers! I was not sorry to see the Cowboys lose, I may live in Texas – but I am not a fan! And then I fought with my internet connection all evening – so frustrating! At least I didn’t lose what I had done already! Anyway – here’s the tutorial!

And please no comments about how messy that area behind the pics is, lol!


Target Mailbox (any metal mailbox will do, but you’ll have to check the dimensions may be different)

sticky strip (red liner tape, o’so sticky tape, etc) I got my white rolls from Taylor.

scissors (preferably two pairs, one that is Teflon coated for cutting the sticky strip)

paper (I like to use two coordinating designs)


mono multi (or some other strong adhesive)

1/2 inch circle punch


1. Choose the paper you want to cover the body of your mailbox. Cut a strip that is 4×12.


2. Hold your strip of paper up against the mailbox so that one of the ends would be about halfway across the bottom. Kind of smoosh the paper against the base of the flag (where the nail/screw is).


3. Flip your paper over and punch out the “mark” the flag base left using your 1/2 inch hole punch. (I apologize for the blurry pictures, the shimmery white side was hard to photograph!)


4. After you punch the hole, cut a slit from the edge of the paper in to the hole.



5. Line the entire strip of paper with sticky tape. (you could use another adhesive, but I think this works the best)



6. Start putting the paper on the mailbox by taking only the backing off the sticky strip around the flag hole. You want to make sure you get that part on correctly.



7. After you get the flag area stuck down well, continue removing the sticky tape backing and adhering the paper.


8. Continue wrapping the paper all the way around the mailbox. It helps to do both sides at once and go slowly to make sure the paper stays straight.


9. Take your second piece of paper and trace the lid of the mailbox onto the back of the paper. Repeat.




10. Cut them out – you will want to ‘undercut’ them a bit so that they don’t overlap the edges. (I hold the paper on the lid and crease any edges that overlap so that it’s easy to tell how much to trim.)


11. Use mono multi to adhere paper to lid (you can use another adhesive – sticky strip, etc – but I prefer the mono multi). Do the same to the back of the mailbox.



12. To go around the edge of the lid you have a few options. You can leave it as is or you can cover it. I chose to cover mine. You can do this using ribbon or paper. For this mailbox I used ribbon. To adhere the ribbon, use glue dots or sticky strip. If you use sticky strip, you may have to cut it in half. Mine was too wide to put on without cutting it. Once it is cut, line the edge of the lid with the sticky strip. If you use glue dots, you can just stick them on as you go. (I did use paper on another mailbox and I put it on with mono multi. I do not recommend this way after trying it as the mono multi was a bit messy for that small of a space. If you want to use paper, cut it in a 1/4 inch strip).



13. You will want your seam to be underneath the mailbox, so start putting the ribbon on there. Go all the way around, taking the backing off as you go. When you get all the way around, just snip the ribbon as close to the starting point as possible. You can put a dab of crystal effects there on the seam to prevent fraying if you would like.



14. At this point, you can just embellish as you like! I always tie ribbons around the flag. Sometimes I cover the end of the flag. If you would like to put paper around it, the measurements are 1 3/8 x 2 1/8. Score at 1 inch and 1 1/8 inches to make it fold nicely around the flag. I left my mailbox as is for now, but last year I used the Mega Scalloped punch by Marvy to put the teacher’s initials on them as Valentine gifts. I then filled the mailboxes with candy.


This mailbox was made using shimmery Smitten papers by Bo Bunny (Shabby Princess line).

And here’s another one I made today where I covered the flag….


This was made using Maybe Baby papers by Daisy D’s. The stamps used on the flag are by Stampendous.

Ok, any questions? Both of these tins are listed on the For Sale page if you are interested.