A card and some answers….

I’ve got a quick card I made the other day and then some answers to the comments left on the prize post earlier this week. Also, I will be giving another mailbox away in the next few days – so watch for that!

First up – a card! I saw a tip on Nichole Heady’s blog about using your aquapainter or waterbrush to make the dye inks “run” or “bleed” a little bit. It makes it look a little more watercolored looking. So I tried it out here – I liked it better on Nichole’s card (I guess that means I need her new stamp set, right? ) but here’s my attempt!


supplies: garden silhouettes SU stamp set; rose red, always artichoke, white and basic black cardstock; american crafts rose ribbon; heidi swapp distressor; dimensionals; niji waterbrush; always artichoke and rose red markers; a muse sentiment and palette noir ink.

Ok – I thought I would address a few of the things people asked for tutorial-wise. Just so you don’t think I’m ignoring you!

1. Copic Markers – Many of you asked me about a tutorial on using these. I don’t currently own any of the Copic markers and have been debating the purchase of some. Honestly – they are just so darned expensive I haven’t had the $$ to buy those yet. We’ll see if they are in the budget in the future – but that’s why I haven’t said anything about them – I don’t own them!

2. Blocks – I do have a bit of a tutorial on the blocks, you can find it <here>. Would you like a more detailed tutorial on these? I am open to doing that if this isn’t enough explanation for you. Let me know!

3. Blog/Website help – I’m sorry – I am technologically impaired. My site is only this nice because my sister made it for me. I do not know much about setting these up. I can load a new banner/header only because she wrote out explicit instructions for me to follow! Sorry!

4. Other coloring aids – I really mostly use the reinkers and niji waterbrush. Yes, I greatly prefer the niji over the SU aquapainter. And I used to be a HUGE fan of the aquapainter. I do not own prismacolor pencils, copic markers, watercolor pencils or the watercolor crayons. Sorry! I also do not own the alcohol inks either.

5. Cake Decorating – No way. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen! Much as I like you all….it’s just not going to happen. I probably only love my boys enough to do that again!

6. Bedroom Decorations for kids – I am so laughing about this one! My boys seriously have posters taped to the wall with scotch tape. No joke. Honestly – those PEACE blocks are the first thing I have made for my own house. I just never get around to making my own stuff!

7. Patterned Paper on cards – Honestly this was really hard for me at first! But I just started making myself do it. If I had a stamping day where I was making several cards – I made myself use patterned paper on at least one. I think a lot of the early ones pretty much sucked – but it got easier and easier to incorporate it! Now I almost have to use it – so I say just practice, practice, practice! Find a layout using patterned paper that you like – then copy it. As for matching paper to images – I don’t worry so much about that – so if it looks like mine do, it’s usually an accident! I mostly pull colors from the paper and use those inks.

8. Nestibilities – another thing I don’t own yet – sorry!

Also, a few of the things mentioned are already available on the Tutorials page. There are a few digital ones there as well. Please check the list out and see if something you wanted to make is already there!

A few that were mentioned several times were watercoloring, using the Bind-It-All, using a template for digiscrapping, making a watermark and how I sand the edges of things. I can definitely work on something showing those things! No promises as to when, but I’ll keep these in mind!

Ok, that’s all for today! I am a total klutz and ran in to the open microwave door last night (warming up corn bread for Andy) and I’m feeling a little out of it! I knocked my head right above my temple – OUCH! I apologize if this post is not quite ‘right’ sounding!

15 comments to A card and some answers….

  • Beautiful card Emily – I think you got that technique down perfectly!! And fabulous colors!!

  • jenny4wheel

    You poor thing! Ran into the microwave door, huh? TOTALLY sounds like something I would do. I’m constantly injuring myself in the kitchen. Nothing too major, just a lot of little stuff. I run into the corner of our counter a lot…

  • SO you need to do something like a challenge next time you do a giveaway where everyone does something for their house so everyone can get inspiration and you, poor thing, can make something for YOURSELF!!

  • Jennifer

    I love your blog..I check it everyday..That card is really cute.
    My question is how do you get your mats so straight? I usually don’t mat my images b/c I can never get them straight.

  • Hi Emily!!! *OUCH!!* That sounds like it hurt! If it makes you feel better I was walking Nick down a hill to see fish in the stream when I slipped on unseen mud and flew up in the air and landed on my tush! Did I mention it was right in front of a busy street *LOL*….hope that made you feel a little better!! (((hugs))) Take care!

  • Carol

    Your card is beautiful! I love that soft look of the flowers bleeding out a little and you did a great job! As for the microwave incident ……..welcome to my world of Joe Clod anonymous!! LOL I swear sometimes I’m an accident looking for a place to happen! Hope you’re feeling better soon:)

  • Ouch, girlie! I hope your head feels better soon 🙂 I love your card, too!! Oh, and you might want to get yourself some of those Nestabilities. Join this website, http://www.ucutathome.com/shop/index.php, and they’ll give you a 40% VIP coupon to use on one item EVERY MONTH! You can use it to buy a pack of Nestabilities, so they’ll come out to be $15 a set!! I have them, and LOVE them. Definitely a must have (even over the Copics, in my opinion 😉 )

  • ouch!
    this card is stunning. will have to try *bleeding* my ink

  • Barb Hendrickson

    Emily, I LOVE this card. It pops off of the page and I can’t wait to case it and make it into a valentine. If it works for my class this weekend, I’ll share it with you. Thanks a bunch.


  • Gorgeous card, Emily! Looks like that technique worked for you to me!

  • You do such wonderful work. It is also refreshing to have a wonderful artist do it without the use of all those talked about things like Copic markers. I just don’t have the money for that either and it is becoming harder and harder to see featured artists who don’t use them. Thanks for everything you do.

  • Charlene

    I actually like yours better than Nicole’s….shhhh! Hope your head feels better. My DH won’t let me go in the attic anymore because I knock myself in the temple every time….sometimes more than once! The last time I got a HUGE goose egg. I can stand in the middle but when I bend over to get something and turn…BAM!
    BTW, I got all the Nestibilities and absolutely LOVE them! Use them on almost everything. Just ordered the heart ones. I have the Prismacolor markers which I like and they’re much less $$ than the Copics. Dick Blick has sales often. Just my 2cents worth

  • Love that card! You must get the Copics and then tell me if I should get them. I’m soooo on the fence. We played with them for a minute at CHA, but there were so many people at the booth it was making me crazy. So I left. Anyway I want the Copics and the Nestibilities just can’t decide which ones to get first????? Ummm??? What do you think?

  • Emily, I am sorry. I had to laugh a little bit when I heard you run into the microwave door. I always have bruises because I am such a klutz. Running into things and burning myself while baking are part of my days.
    I love your card. I think your watercolored image looks great.

    Hugs and smiles

  • Autumn Nordstrom

    Emily, This is a huge favor, but I was wondering if it would be possible to persuade your sister into writing instructions to make a watermark for our creations??? It could be posted on either your blog or hers….. I don’t personally have the patience to figure this out. I think I read that it’s done using the Photoshop Elements 5 (?)


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