Help! I’m addicted!

Yes, I have an addiction. And it’s not to anything craft related – shocking, I know! But it’s bad! Admitting it is the first step, right?

I am addicted to Laffy Taffy!

There, I said it. And now how to stop! See, I just love them. I love the pink strawberry ones the best….but I like them all (except banana cause it’s just gross). Now, you can buy a bag of them and it has strawberry, grape, green apple and banana. And why are there always more banana ones?? But for Valentine’s day – they have the BEST thing ever!!! It’s a bag with ONLY strawberry and cherry! Seriously, does it get any better than that!?!?!

Except I am turning 30 this year…and my metabolism is definitely slowing down. And all this laffy taffy is killing my waistline, lol! But I just love that chewy, tangy goodness….

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  • My dd likes to get laffy taffy but she wont actually eat it… she just likes to read the jokes

  • You crack me up! Guess what — banana is my favorite!! 🙂

  • mimi hornberger

    That is so funny! I just read a post on Danna Salazar’s blog where she says that the banana are her favorite. Perhaps the two of you should swap! Here’s a link to the post. It is a long one so, read on.
    XO, Mimi

  • Samantha (SammyStamper)

    I love laffy taffy and like the poster above, banana is also one of my favorites! I turned 30 in November, but 25 hit the metabolism first, now I’m really in big trouble. Taffy and a CF Diet Coke is the best afternoon pick me up.

  • I am a laffy taffy addict too! I just love sweet/tangy chewy candy!
    I am like Samantha – taffy and diet coke (I like the Lime diet coke)!
    How do you stop? I can’t!

  • Jen

    I LOVE the banana! You are too funny. 🙂

  • Hilma

    LOL… banana is my fav too!!!! I NEVER get more banana than anything else 🙁

  • Pam

    LOL! The banana is my favorite!

  • Retta

    This is so funny! I have been eyeing the big box of Laffy Taffy for the last several weeks every time I go to Wal-Mart. So far I have managed to leave it there. At 45 the metabolism is definately slow! My youngest cannot have much sugar or red dye so I have had her as a reason the leave it there too! I may have to sneak a bag in a hide it just for me. Of course then I will eat it all!
    Have a sweet and tangy day!

  • LOL Thanks for the giggle! If you want to know what to do with the banana ones…I can take th em off your hands..they are my second to cherry! 🙂

  • Debbie Fisher

    Hi, My name is debbie and I am addicted to Laffy Taffy too. LOL!! My favorites are grape and strawberry. I’m with you, the banana is gross! But my DS loves banana, so it gets eaten. We have a grocery store that sell Laffy Taffy loose, so you can pick the flavors you like. Ü VERY dangerous that way.

  • Amanda A.

    I’m addicted to bite-size Snickers. I bought several bags for an upcoming class and…well…I kind of had to go out and get more last night because I’ve eaten most of it!!! AAAGGGHHHH!

  • Melissa D.

    Too funny…I will be hitting 30 this year as well. I have 2 boys who ruined, and I mean ruined me. I used to be a size 2 then I had my boys and now I don’t even want to mention what I wear now. Of course, the worst part…I am junk-food junky. It is nothing in particular, chocolate, sweet, sour, you name it and I love it. I don’t know what to do to stop. Good luck with your addiction.

  • Hahahahah! I am among the ranks of the banana laffy taffy lovers! Its my all time favorite. I don’t like the purple ones.

  • If you’re that addicted, just let me know which flavor you’d like me to pick up at our Nestle employee thrift store. They sell BUCKETS of single flavors and the mixed flavors. God love Willy Wonka & Nestle!

  • Sherri Thacker

    I love laffy taffy too (even the banana is good to me) but with 2 crowns in my mouth there is no way I can chew on them anymore. So you just enjoy them while you can :). Mmmmm!!

  • joy

    I only eat the bananna ones….how funny

  • Stephanie

    I only like the Banana ones…so if i get a bag, we can trade!!! 🙂

  • Hey Emily,
    If Laffy taffy is your addiction I think you could be doing much worse than you are, lifes too short not to treat yourself. Play with the boys for an extra half hour a day and keep your Laffy Taffy girl!!!

  • Kathy T

    You don’t like the banana??? They are my favorite – just send them over to me and I will take them off your hands!

  • Lisa R

    Isn’t it funny? There seems to be several of us that like the banana ones.

  • Lenita

    Gotta love Banana! Actually, my favs are cherry, banana and grape….just can’t get enough of that laffy taffy…omg, a Nestle employee thrift store? I think I would totally explode if I had access to that!! (Liz N in comments)

  • Betsie

    Banana is the only kind I like!

  • That would be great. I am like that with Jolly Ranchers..I like cherry and and watermelon and don’t care for the rest!! I love banana, but I am not a taffy person. Good luck on your addiction!

  • Ha, I love banana. When I first started Stamping, (capital S) my demonstrator had these in her stamp room, so we’d eat a ton every month at club. YUMMY memories.

  • Marin

    Banana is my favorite! In fact, it is the only flavor I will eat! My dad found a gas station on the way to my sister’s cabin that sells just banana by itself and bring me some back every time they go!!! There are never enough!

  • Misti

    I only like the banana ones! I will stop in the gas station near my house, every once in awhile & buy only the banana! YUM! I have to hide them from my kids or they will eat them!!!

  • Crystal (SCS happy2stamp4ever)

    LOL!!! Laffy Taffy is an old fave of mine, too….haven’t had them in a LONG time, though. Funny though, Banana is one of my VERY faves!!! LOL…so I’ll give you all my Cherry ones, you can give me the banana ones! 🙂

  • jlcghs27408

    Banana is also my fav! Yummmmmmmmy! Reading the comments on your blog, I guess we all know why there are so many banana ones now!

    You could stamp cellophane bag toppers and make little goodie bags with all your banana Laffy Taffys and give them to all you banana-lovin’ friends!

  • Jennifer N.

    Emily, your post cracked me up! I love the banana, too! I also love the buttered popcorn jelly bellys, which a lot of people can’t stand…but I despise the marshmallow and tutti frutti ones. Too bad we can’t trade off! Do you suppose, if all the people in the world got together, the flavors would come out even?? : )

  • My 4 y/o DD discovered laffy taffy this year at Halloween and it is her favorite. She loves to memorize the jokes and then tell them to us randomly! Needless to say, Santa brought her a whole bag of it in her stocking. And would you believe she has already gone through the whole bag in one month . . . EAT on sista, they are too yummy to give up!!!

  • Gigi

    Apple is my favorite. I am addicted. I cant Stop! I like the Laffy Taffy Rope . I just finished the last of my stash and I know I will have to pick some up on my way home tonight.

  • Wow, this is such a great website!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    It’s Halloween time and I always get the craving for the banana laffy taffy. I am addicted. I thought it was just me but I found out many people like the banana as well.

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