I thought I’d share a favorite of mine from growing up. Every time we would visit my Grandma in Pennsylvania or if she visited us…..we would get Tastykakes. These are the best things ever. Now, some members of my family liked different kinds, but to me – these are THE BEST!

If you put them in the freezer they are DIVINE! So so good. While we were in Baltimore this summer, we found them at a gas station on our way to Ocean City! I was so stoked! Michelle (my sister-in-law) probably thought I was crazy, but she told me they had them at the grocery store by her house. Needless to say, LOTS made it back in our luggage! I was really really nice, and distributed them to the rest of my family that lives in Texas.

They do not sell these here in Texas and they didn’t have them in the midwest where I grew up either. (Is Texas considered Southern or the Midwest??) But I am sure all you east-coasters know all about TastyKakes!

And don’t even get me started on frozen Thin Mints (the Girl Scout cookies)…..what’s my deal with frozen cookies? Seriously – so so good. Did you know that Girl Scout cookies have their own myspace page?? How weird is that!?!  And then there’s that ice cream made by Edy’s…..YUM!

And it is a sad day – the Peppermint Mocha creamer from coffeemate is no more. It’s retired for the season. So sad. I love that stuff!! I tried using white chocolate creamer and putting a candy cane in my coffee……it wasn’t the same.