Lots of stuff!

I’ve got a few things to share today so here goes!

First up, Tiff (my SIL) and Jenn (my friend) came over yesterday and we did a little crafting while our kids were in prek. I’ve been wanting to add some watercolored Fabriano cards to my ‘for sale‘ page for awhile, so I worked on those. I got a few sets done and I’ve added them to the site. Here’s one of them!


supplies: fabriano notecards and envelopes; palette noir ink pad; niji waterbrush; may arts ribbon; Penny Black stamps: clusters, modesty, and flying stars; reinkers: always artichoke, purely pomegranate, and rose romance; and A Muse sentiments.

I used rose romance and purely pomegranate on those and it made for a different combo! I was worried at first – almost trashed the first one, but decided to just go with it. And I like the result! I was going for a shades of pink thing….but this is a little different. Anyway, you can find the 3 sets I finished <here>. Just keep scrolling, all images are clickable thumbnails.

I also added some other card sets and some more gift sets. I’ve heard a nasty rumor that Target is discontinuing my lovely little notebooks – so I may have to change up my gift sets for the next time! We’ll see! (You know I’ll be scouring every Target in my area!)

And then, I’ve got another cool coupon code for you! I am excited to share this because it’s one of my everyday items. I use this little tool all time when I make cards, it’s really handy! I’ve never been good at distressing the edges of things on my own. I’ve tried roughing it with my fingernail, getting it slightly damp and mussing it up, etc. But this tool makes it totally simple! Only downside – the tiny bits of paper that fluff off. I can deal with that! Here’s an up-close shot of how it distresses your paper….(this is my card yesterday)


See how nice that is? I just drag the distresser along the edge of the cardstock a few times until I get the amount of rough edge I want. That’s it! And here’s how you can get one of these fab tools FREE!

Go to Scrapbookpal.com.

Purchase *anything*!

Add the coupon code edge on the view cart page (Just type edge into the box for coupons and click *add to cart* and the free distresser will appear! You do not need to add the distresser to your card first!)

That’s it! And in case you needed something to purchase – I highly recommend the Mono Multi! It’s the Best Glue Ever! And they have the cheapest price I’ve ever seen – I always order mine there!

The coupon will expire 2/15/08!

Later I have some pictures of the boys using my old aquapainters to watercolor with reinkers – I know, I was brave yesterday! But they wanted to watercolor with me – those card sets took most of the day to work on, good thing I love to watercolor and it’s soothing! – so I let them watercolor with my older brushes. I might even have some free stamps for tomorrow!

16 comments to Lots of stuff!

  • Jen

    You card set is just beautiful!!! They would make a gorgeous gift for anyone! Thanks so much for the coupon code too. I think I may just go do some shopping! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the coupon code! I just placed an order. That is the best price for Tombow. And of course, I had to bump up my order with a few other items to get free shipping! πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful day!

  • LOVE this card set! The watercolors MAKE the card. I’m desperate to get my hands on some and play! πŸ˜€

  • carol

    These cards are lovely! All the sets you have for sale are beautiful!! I too find water coloring relaxing but it does take lots of time! Well worth it to see the end results. Beautiful job, TFS

  • Who makes those beautiful flower stamps?

  • Wow, Emily – these cards are GORGEOUS!!! Great job!

  • Love the cards! Thanks for sharing the coupon code with us πŸ™‚

  • jeanne nielsen

    Your cards are so elegant! Love the end- result!! Thanks so much for sharing! Jeanne

  • Pam Giudici

    Your cards are gorgeous! I also wanted to say thanks for letting everyone know about the free edge distresser…I just placed an order. Can hardly wait to play with my new toys!

  • Elaine

    Great colors on the card! It’s funny that you mentioned your card from yesterday because when I saw it, I thought, wow, the torn edges looked great. Well now I know how you did it! Thanks for sharing info on the tool!

  • Letty

    Thanks for th tip about ordering through them. Things are cheaper on that website! There was no area for “coupon code” so I wrote them an order note telling them to be sure the change that. πŸ™‚ thanks for the great tip!

  • My gosh woman I need to get it together and catch up here I wanna know what, where, where and how in the heck you did these they are GORGEOUS! SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY SOOO….pretty!

    I had a look at the top blog thing since someone on the board mentioned AA was on there. Of course near the top I see my stuff on a banner so I HAD to come say TY! I get here it’s you and that put a big SMILE on my face so THANK YOU!!! πŸ™‚

  • All of your cards are so beautiful!!

  • Jane

    Tjese are really beautiful and so perfect for any occasion. I love the torn edges – really adds to the overall design. Keep the ideas coming, Emily – you are very talented and really love your variety of projects!

  • I really like your card set !!!

  • Sarah

    Emily –

    I was at JoAnn’s yesterday and saw some journals that are similar to those that you use in your gift sets. They have added a whole dollar section, similar to the crafty items at Target. Unmodified of course, but in case your area Targets run out it might wortha look.

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