Yep, I’ve got some free stamps for you!  But first, those water-coloring pictures I promised.  Sorry I didn’t get them up yesterday, I was working on getting a garage sale ready with my sister-in-law.  Anyway, when I was featured on Queen Kat Designs Blog, she offered me some free stamps!  One set for me and one set for y’all!  How nice is that?!?  So the boys helped me pick out my set, and this is what they chose!


Cute little monster guy, huh?  So when I was water-coloring the other day, this is what they water-colored!  I put some reinker drops (colors I don’t use much, lol!) on tin foil and let them use some of my old aquapainters.  Here they are hard at work (frame by Nancy Comelab):


And here are their finished designs!  Andy just colored his, Alex made a scene – they are all on waves of water and each has his own surf board, and Adam cut his out….(frame by Holly McCaig)


And the free set y’all can win is a cute Valentine mini set!  These are clear acrylic stamps.

So here’s how you can win!


1.  Leave a comment on this post.  Since I had not seen Queen Kat’s stamps before, maybe they are new to some of you as well!  I’d like you to go to her site <here> and tell me your favorite stamp set there!

2.  Deadline for prize drawing is Sunday, February 3rd @ 9pm CST.

3.  I will use the Random Number Generator to choose a winner!