Yep, I made myself digiscrap tonight.  I think I had not done it on so long I had a bit of a block!  But once I got started, I was good to go.  Anyway, here’s my page!  I might have a Stamping Space Sunday thing for you later too!


papers – Dani Mogstad – Rockstar Kit
template – Shandy Vogt
alpha – Dani Mogstad – Rockstar Alpha
frames – Dani Mogstad – Rockstar Kit
foil stars – Dani Mogstad – Rockstar Kit
felt music elements – Dani Mogstad – Rockstar Kit
font – Darcy Baldwin – DJB Dawn (in the Feb Grab Bag)

drop shadows – Traci  Murphy
White border action – Kimberly Geswein

And that’s all for today!  I hope you are all enjoying the SuperBowl.  And by enjoy, I mean eating some GOOD food!  We have a shindig planned, but Alex still has a fever, so we’ll see!  I guess we’ll be stuck eating all that mango salsa, guacamole, etc that we make by ourselves!  Bummer!