So here’s the sitch (if you watch Kim Possible, you’ll get that reference!).  Saturday evening, I was stretching when I went to bed and felt something “pop” behind my right knee.  It didn’t really hurt, but felt kinda twingy.  The next morning, I was rubbing on shaving cream and felt a lump there that was tender.  When I looked in the mirror, it was bruised too.  So I watched it Sunday.  Today I called my Dr, but she was out of the office.  I got an appointment for Thursday.

Now keep in mind – I am driving myself crazy all this time because I am a total hypochondriac.  Then I click on Sharon’s blog and read that she has a blood clot in her leg – you can read it <here>.  So then I am thinking that is too weird because it’s what I’ve been freaking out that I might have.  So I spent this evening at the after hours clinic at my Dr’s office and saw another Dr in the practice.  He believes I popped a blood vessel behind my knee and it’s a superficial blood clot. I do get out of exercising this week though!  Anyway, I’ll follow up with my Dr later this week.  And please wish Sharon good health with hers!  Scary stuff – read her tips to keeping them at bay!

So no sample for the Color Challenge and nothing to show.  I actually did make something today, but I didn’t take any pics yet.  I think it’s going to be a combo Tips Week/New Product Review week.  If you want to see the color challenge, look <here>.