Nothing to show today…

So here’s the sitch (if you watch Kim Possible, you’ll get that reference!).  Saturday evening, I was stretching when I went to bed and felt something “pop” behind my right knee.  It didn’t really hurt, but felt kinda twingy.  The next morning, I was rubbing on shaving cream and felt a lump there that was tender.  When I looked in the mirror, it was bruised too.  So I watched it Sunday.  Today I called my Dr, but she was out of the office.  I got an appointment for Thursday.

Now keep in mind – I am driving myself crazy all this time because I am a total hypochondriac.  Then I click on Sharon’s blog and read that she has a blood clot in her leg – you can read it <here>.  So then I am thinking that is too weird because it’s what I’ve been freaking out that I might have.  So I spent this evening at the after hours clinic at my Dr’s office and saw another Dr in the practice.  He believes I popped a blood vessel behind my knee and it’s a superficial blood clot. I do get out of exercising this week though!  Anyway, I’ll follow up with my Dr later this week.  And please wish Sharon good health with hers!  Scary stuff – read her tips to keeping them at bay!

So no sample for the Color Challenge and nothing to show.  I actually did make something today, but I didn’t take any pics yet.  I think it’s going to be a combo Tips Week/New Product Review week.  If you want to see the color challenge, look <here>.

11 comments to Nothing to show today…

  • Kate Baldwin

    Oh no! Get well soon…you’ve got that big flight to China in your future!!!

  • Emily, don’t worry too much, unless you have redness and swelling below that spot. I still say get it checked as I am not a doctor, but I do type for many of them (as I am a transcriptionist). It sounds to me like a possible Baker’s cyst, which usually occurs behind the knee, and can cause a lot of pain or none at all. It then pops, the doctor has you keep an eye on the area, and go on your merry way. They don’t usually do anything for them unless it is really bothering you and it hasn’t popped. (like I said though, I am not a doctor, and it should still be checked by a professional). Hope you are feeling better real soon. Don’t get too worked up. {{hugs}}

  • I hope it is no big deal, Em!! Hopefully it goes away quick, cause we don’t need any hobblin’ Emily over here!!

    Libby is starting a countdown to Emily calendar soon… after she finishes her countdown-to-back-to-school calendar…

  • Charlene

    Hope it’s ok, Emily. My prayers will be with you. I have a Baker’s cyst behind my knee….not fun, had it drained but needs to be surgically removed. Ugh, I’m trying to make believe it isn’t there. Keep us posted.

  • Oh boy – take it easy Emily.

  • Oh, Emily — I’m so sorry this happened to you! Keep a watch on it and if you have any pain or swelling, get in to your doc sooner! Big hugs.

  • Carol

    wow, I hope this turns out to be nothing of concern, but just keep a good eye on things and follow up with your regular doc. You have to stay well for your trip soon! TC

  • I hope you’re feeling better soon and that it doesn’t get worse! Relax and take care!

  • Hey, sorry to hear your news. Feel better!

  • Wow, I’m subscribed to her blog and I saw that the other day. Oh shucks, now you. Now that worries me because lately I get this feeling in my leg and when it bothers me I start thinking it’s a clot or either I’m having a mild heart attack. Of course this is all after I just had a physical several weeks ago. Well enough about me. Definitely follow the doctor’s orders and take it easy.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  • UGH! I hope it is nothing serious! Take care of yourself, and get to that doctor! 🙂

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