Tips/New Products Week Day 2 – Sanding

This is probably one of the questions I get asked most often. How do I sand my altered projects? So here’s the scoop -with pics!

First off – tools. I use sanding or filing blocks like they use at a nail salon. I find the rectangular shape to be a good fit for my hands. I started out using the blocks in the SU catalog. But for how much I sand – they are just not a good investment! (about $3.50 for 2 blocks) So I went in search of a cheaper option. SU uses a white block with a little blue snowflake printed on it. I set out looking for a place to find those wholesale. I had no luck! (If you know where to get some the same as SU – TELL ME!!) So I went to the local Beauty Supply store and purchased several different ones to try them out. They ran about .99 each. Already they were cheaper. I liked the white blocks I found the best. They are a bit stiffer at first, but once you do a bit of sanding (perhaps on plain wood first or something – or just go gentle when you start with paper) they were pretty good.

So I set out to find these in bulk. I found several places to get them online. I purchased mine from a Beauty Wholesale Supplier. Of course I was so excited about the price ($3.72 for 12) that I didn’t really pay attention to the shipping (I think it was about $6.95). But they were still even cheaper than the local beauty supply store. I will definitely pay more attention to the shipping next time, or gather up some other local girls and order all of ours at the same time. I ordered mine <here>, but I am pretty sure there are lots like this place out there – possibly with better prices. I haven’t researched it too much. They call them Arctic White Blocks, Polar Blocks, Star Polar Blocks, etc. But honestly, you may need to try a few different grits to find what you prefer.

And here’s how I sand:



Basically, I start on one side of what I want to sand – in this case a wooden block. I drag the sanding block in a slanted direction – I usually go up first – and travel up and down the side of the wooden block. Then I repeat, slanting the sanding block down. Repeat until you reach the desired look. I also do a few swipes just on the corners as well. My general rule of thumb is start with a light pressure – you can always sand more… can’t add paper back on!

I hope that makes sense! And here is what I made….and yes, I’ll add them to the store later today if anyone is interested.


supplies: Daisy D’s Maybe Baby paper; white acrylic paint; mod podge; American Crafts rub ons; Plaid acrylic matte sealant; Tattered Angels Oyster shimmer spray; and sanding blocks.

Ok, I really hope that was helpful. It’s kind of a trial and error thing, really. Also, don’t forget about the coupon for a FREE Heidi Swapp edge distresser!

Go to

Purchase *anything*!

Add the coupon code edge on the view cart page (Just type edge into the box for coupons and click *add to cart* and the free distresser will appear! You do not need to add the distresser to your card first!)

That’s it! And in case you needed something to purchase – I highly recommend the Mono Multi! It’s the Best Glue Ever! And they have the cheapest price I’ve ever seen – I always order mine there!

The coupon will expire 2/15/08!

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