Tips/New Products Week Day 3 – Nestabilities

These aren’t exactly new, but I just got my first set of them. I had several requests from y’all to hear my thoughts, tips, etc about working with them…..and since I was dying to try them anyway, I figured I needed to bite the bullet and purchase a set. I started out with the Classic Circles set – which is 4 packages of dies. I got mine from <here> – if you sign up for their newsletter, you get a monthly coupon (40% off). I found out later that GinaK carries them in her retail store (they are not available online yet) and I already put in an order to get ovals. I haven’t beat the price (with the coupon) at Cut At Home, but I was unimpressed with their shipping times – just an FYI!

Ok, first up some pictures and links from various other blogs – no need for me to rewrite their information! I love the idea of how small the storage is for these dies vs the Marvy punches. I fully intend to store mine in the cd cases using magnets. Right now, I left them on the cards and cut the tops off so they would fit in a cd case. There’s some double sided tape holding them on to the cards and I’m just using that. I guess you could line the cd case with that too if you wanted…..but magnets are cleaner so I’ll be using those! Sharon has an excellent review of them <here> with all kinds of links and information. Here’s how hers looked with the magnets:

I use a Cuttlebug for die cutting or embossing things, and the Nestabilities DO work in the Cuttlebug. Ellen Hutson has a great post about their compatibility with different machines <here>. She covers about every die cut machine out there! Now I will say that it is a lot of layering and I had to print off the part of her post on the Cuttlebug and I keep it next to my machine. I’m sure I’ll eventually learn it and won’t need to look, but for now it’s just easier to have it right there.

I am considering the Wizard (or possibly even the Xcalibur – the motorized version!) in the future. It would be nice to not have so many layers to mess with! I only have one other complaint about using them in the Cuttlebug – and Sharon addressed this issue as well – sometimes the dies get lodged in the acrylic B plates and you have to pry them out.


I’ve also found that if I stamp my image first and I don’t want any slippage when I run it through the machine – I tiny piece of tape seems to solve that problem. It holds the die in place and you can just take off after. I love that the dies also emboss – just by rearranging the plates and such, you emboss with the same die you just cut the image out with! Very cool! Just leave the paper in the die that just cut it out and more the plates around – add the tan embossing mat – and crank it through! I absolutely love the classy look the embossed edge gives the whole thing. It was really the part that sold me on the Nestabilities in the first place! I did not know that you needed the embossing mat and didn’t order one with my dies – but Debbie was sweet enough to send me an extra (they come in a 2 pack). Thank you Debbie!!

And here’s what I made with it!


supplies: Penny Black clusters stamp; palette noir ink; eggplant, mellow moss, and so saffron reinkers; niji waterbrush; fabriano watercolor paper; mellow moss and elegant eggplant cardstock; may arts ribbon; dimensionals; SU slot punch; sponge; and SU piercing template.

So my verdict is – I love them. I am looking at the Wizard and the new Xcalibur – if you have thoughts on those, please share them. But for now I am happy using them in my cuttlebug. I’m not sure how they will work out for classes, but I’ll try it once and see! Anything else you wanted to know about them?

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  • just gorgeous emily! I have the nestabilities myself, and just haven’t had the time to use them – I need to dig those out 🙂

  • Great information, Emily! Love having it all in one place. I am curious about the Xcalibur, too. I use a cuttlebug and it works fine, but still wondering if the Xcalibur would work better. Do you know if you can send it through once and get the cutting and embossing done in one pass?

  • Beverly

    As always, thanks for the great information. I’ve been wondering about them and have the original Sizzix machine. They are on my (ever growing) list!

  • Melissa D.

    Thanks a bunch for the info. My mom and sister have these and I have been interested in getting them myself. The price from this store is unbeatable and then with the 40% off coupon every month, I am just going to have to splurge and get some for myself. I know they will get some use.

  • Paula

    Emily, your card is beautiful! I don’t have any questions now, but I have yet to use mine in my Cuttlebug! I’ve got the circles and squares so far; just haven’t sat myself down to figure it out. Maybe your gorgeous creation will spur me on! Thanks!

  • Lisa C.

    I got the wizard just because I heard about the plate breakage on the cuttlebug and I figure I will use this for many more years to come so wanted to spend the little bit more and get the wizard. I ended up paying just about the price of the cuttlebug retail (without a coupon) but since it is all metal it just seems more sturdy to me. I can not wait to play with my nestabilites (got both the machine and the nestabilites for my birthday, but DH won’t let me play yet. BOO HOO!) LOL.

  • donna calamari

    I love my Nestabilities. I bought mine at Cut at Home with the coupon. The trade-off is a longer wait time for shipping but it is worth it to get 40% off (especially if you buy the 4-sets-in one package). I use a Cuttlebug and agree with the criticisms but I just can’t buy another machine.

  • Thanks for the review. I just signed up with CutatHome yesterday! How funny! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use the coupon with the Nestabilities, but now that I know I can, I’ll be ordering my first set!

  • Sharon (stampscout)

    Thanks for the great review, Emily. I ordered my Nesties from Cut-at-Home too and I’m waiting on my next order to get here this week! Can’t wait to hear about the Xcalibur to see if that’s what I want next or the Wizard. The Xcalibur is supposed to be available in May.

  • Emily,
    I am waiting on set 3 and ordered set 4 of the 6 sets of Nestabilities from Cut at Home and teh shipping take a while but I haven’t found the price similar ANYWHERE else and believe me I have looked at a bazillion sites. I would check out the Wizard at there are a lot of reviews there, many positive but several negatives that are making me have second thoughts about buying it. Not because of quality but user issues. I’m using my nesties with the original sizzix and haven’t had any problems at all. Those machines are super cheap right now. I saw one for $7 at my local Michael’s a few days ago. Anyway, let us know if you get the wizard how it fairs. Your review are always really informative.

    Thanks, Michelle

  • Beautiful card, Emily — great job with your first Nesties!!

  • Denise Dillman

    Hi Emily,
    I have been a follower of you work for some time now. This card is so gorgeous. I saved it in my fave card file on my desktop and will have to case it. I have all the nesties, but have not been using them much; thanks for the inspiration. I will be bring out my nesties! What a beautiful card!

  • cary

    Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to get the cuttlebug this week and the nestibilities will be my next purchase. Thanks for the info about where you got them too. I think that I will like these better than the punches because of storage issues>

  • jeanne nielsen

    I love the card! Thanks so much for summarizing the information on the nestabilities (and thanks so much for the tip about that store!). I’m ordering soon — still not sure what I should start with since I don’t have any and can’t buy all at once, but I’m leaning toward the ovals. Any thoughts? Jeanne

  • Carol

    I bought my first set of the circle Nestabilities and love them! I haven’t bought any more yet but thanks for the coupon info – I’ll certainly consider that when I’m ready to buy more. I use mine with the Big kick and they work beautifully, but wouldn’t it be great if you could cut AND emboss in ONE action instead of two? Like you, I have my “sandwich” printed out and attached to the Nestie cases for quick reference. I tend to forget the correct oder when I don’t use them every day. Thanks for all the good info and BTW your card is LOVELY! I love the way you colored the flowers! TFS

  • One quick tip when the dies a re being used in the cuttlebug. Always pull at the paper and not the die. Ususally by lifting the paper first it will release the die.

  • Beautiful card Em! I can’t wait till mine come! You are right about the slow shipping! I think I’ll get the rest from GinaK!!
    I havent used them yet, but I’m thinking we are going to want the Wizard or the Xcalibur!! 🙂

  • Karen L

    I own a wizard and love it for all dies and embossing folders. You’ve created a
    “simple but elegant” card. It’s beautiful!

  • Marisa

    Thanks for the wonderful information. I’m still debating the nesties, but after reading this am leaning more and more towards getting them – especially with the coupon. LOVE the card and that Penny Black stamp — going to have to add that to my list too. This blog is getting expensive!! You enabler you 😉

  • That’s the same reason I want them! (embossing beautificiousness)

  • Love this, Emily! You did a great job on the watercoloring. I love my Nestabilities too! 😀

  • twinks

    Oh – I love this card! Beautiful coloring.
    My CB does the same thing on occasion but when its MY error and I’ve place the cutting side on the acrylic – my oh my – it was a pain to get it off the plate. The mtorized version sure looks appealing as well as the new dies.

  • Tracy

    I have every machine under the sun (hey, I n-e-e-d-e-d them Ü) and the Wizard, by far, is the best when it comes to using the Nestabilities. Especially the embossing part. It is so much more crisp and pronounced then when I use my Cuttlebug. Very effortless. Once you used the Wizard, you truly see the difference.
    Your card is lovely, as usual!

  • I love all of your cards. They are just gorgeous. Makes me want every one of those new sets at Gina’s and still need some of the older ones *wink*

    I just wanted to comment and let you know that I use my Nesties in my sizzix (the old version). They have stuck to the acrylic plate, too, and I used to keep an extra piece of cs under them that maybe I have messed up (so that I don’t waste a good sheet) this helps so they do not stick. You just have to peel both pieces of cs off. As the cs gets all cut up, I have switched recently to a piece of cereal box that I cut just the same size as the tray for the Sizzix, and that works too. it actually holds up better as well. Just an idea. Hope this is helpful to you. I was always so afraid that I would bend my Nesties trying to pry them off the acrylic pad, so I tried a few things to come up with a solution.

  • […] I talked about the Nestabilities <here> and wanted update the fact that I’ve changed how I store mine.  I had issues with the […]

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