Tips/New Products Week Day 6 – Photos

Alrighty – I am no photographer, by any stretch of the imagination. But I’m learning. I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of my site photos. It’s really hard to capture details sometimes! I don’t do anything special to take my photos – nothing that anyone can’t do! So here’s how I do it!

I take two sheets of white cardstock and place them so they form a base and a background for my project. If it is a project that is too large for that, I will either add another sheet of cardstock or use a white pillowcase. Then I put the card in front of the paper and take the pic! Because I have a table top Ott Lite (which Joann’s is offering at 50% off with FREE shipping!! Totally a good deal!), I place that beside my card so that the light shines directly on it. That’s it! I edit in a super simple photo program. I crop the picture, resize the larger side to 500 pixels (the width of my blog) and then sometimes I’ll click the auto fix button for brightness. That’s all. Here’s what my photo set-up looks like….


(and no, the lights aren’t off in the room or anything – it just looks that way!)

So that’s it! Like I said – nothing special or anything!

2 comments to Tips/New Products Week Day 6 – Photos

  • Exactly how I take my pics…even with the same cute pink Ott Lite:)

  • Jennifer

    dude, Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!! The mystery is revealed!! Don’t you know a good magician NEVER reveals her secrets!!
    LOL!! Seriously, though you are so generous to share what you have learned with your following!!

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