Man – it’s been SO busy this week! Got back on Sunday evening…..then Alex came home with another ear infection (I think from the croup/flu thing he had last week) poor guy! So to the dr for that…..then class last night….Math Night at the elementary school…..just lots going on! On top of all that, I’m fighting some bp issues (runs in my family) and I’ve had a splitting headache for several days now. I’ve started a post a few times and just never had enough time to finish it! So I scrapped that topic for now and I’ve got something else for you!

Tiff, Jenn and I wanted to order a bunch of grosgrain ribbon. So we decided to do a bulk order of 100 yard rolls and split it up. I figured 10 yards of each color is perfect. So I picked out 20 different colors and we had a little ribbon cutting party today. And I’ve got some to offer to y’all! I’ll post a bunch of pics of it all and then I”ll get to the details on it. We will be doing this several times until we get all the colors – as long as it seems like other people want to participate with us!

First of all, this is NOT SU ribbon. It is 1/4 in. 100% polyester ribbon. Now…SU’s says it is 1/4 and this says it is 1/4 but I think this is a little more narrow than SU’s grosgrain ribbon. I’m not sure who’s is the right width and I don’t have a ruler with me at the moment, lol! But – I love this ribbon for tying on things. I think that because it is a little narrower, it works perfectly for tying on notebook coils, tins, etc. So – I guess that means you need some, right? 😉

Anyway, here is the chart I made with all the colors and their names.


And here is how the ribbon will look when you get it. Each color is cut in a 10 yard segment and then a sticky label is wrapped around it with the color name written on it.


And here it is all boxed up and ready to be mailed out!


And here is how I store my ribbon from shares like this! I have other pics on my blog about my ribbon storage, but this is how I do the kind from shares. I find that 10 yards fills a 3×3 card very nicely. (Ribbon in these boxes is from various places and NOT from this particular share. I haven’t wrapped my ribbon on cards yet!)


And now for the nitty gritty details! Here is a list of the colors and the SU cardstock I think match pretty well…now these are entirely my opinion and you may not like these matches!!!

Turquoise – cool caribbean cardstock

Shocking Pink – pink passion cardstock

Emerald – no SU match

Pink – pretty in pink cardstock

Sugar Plum – kind of elegant eggplant cardstock

Capri Blue – ballet blue cardstock

Lavender – no SU match

Lime Fizz – gable green cardstock

Festive Fuchsia – no SU match

Aquamarine – soft sky cardstock is a tad lighter and cool caribbean cardstock is a tad darker but would compliment either

Copen – no SU match

Azalea – purely pomegranate cardstock

Flannel Grey – basic grey cardstock

Pansy – no SU match

Apple Green – no SU match, but matches SU’s discontinued apple green ribbon

Jade – taken with teal cardstock

Then the neutrals: cream, white, black and dark brown

2/08 Ribbon Share Details:

1. You will receive 10 yards of each of the 20 colors listed above.

2. It will be shipped priority mail within 24 hrs of payment.

3. The share is $35 and that includes your priority shipping.

4. You get 200 yards of grosgrain ribbon (including the shipping cost that comes out to 17.5 cents per yard – pretty sweet!).

5. There are only SEVEN slots for this share. We will likely do this again if it goes well and there is interest. However, we will not be repeating colors for awhile. We can do a bigger lot next time (more open slots) if there is enough interest.

6. The first 7 people to email me ( and send payment via paypal (sorry no checks this time!) will get the ribbon.

7. It is already cut, labeled and ready to ship to you!

Any questions?

****ETA – All Ribbon slots are filled at the moment!  If any don’t work out, I’ll let y’all know!  Thank you!!****