Ribbon Share Full!

Just wanted to let you all know that the ribbon share is full! If any of the people don’t come through – I’ll let the next person who asked know. I will do it again sometime soon – for sure to finish off my 1/4 in collection. There is a possibility of some other ribbons – possibly some May Arts stuff! – in the future, but we’ll see! There seemed to be a lot of interest this time, so I might try to have more slots next time. I would rather do it with the ribbon already purchased and ready to mail out, but if I open it to more people I would probably need payment first to buy it all. Feel free to share your thoughts on this!

And Betsy Gilberti – please contact me! Your paypal was sent to the wrong email address and I’m not sure if you got my message about that. Thanks!

And if you asked about the ribbon share and didn’t get a response – CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL!  I responded to everyone who emailed or left a comment on my site.   

6 comments to Ribbon Share Full!

  • Nancy

    Does this mean if we haven’t heard back from you, that we’re not part of the Lucky 7???

  • Annie

    I was thinking the same thing. I emailed her at like 8am yesterday but didn’t know her paypal account to send her the money & asked for it. But I didn’t hear from her on this at all.

  • Nancy

    Just checked junk mail and nothing there either… Weird…

  • Tina Suzan

    Payment first sounds reasonable to me. JMO 🙂

  • Bonnie

    I have no problem with pre-paying. Thanks! BB

  • Hi Emily: Just wanted to let you know I rec’d my ribbons! They’re awesome!! I love the variety of colors, the amount, the material, the super-fast shipping, everything!!!

    I can’t recommend your ribbon share highly enough. I’m in for the next one, too, LOL!

    So wanted to thank you and also let others know how well this share worked out for me! Don’t hesitate to join the next one, peeps!

    ~Thanks & hugs, Deb

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