Emily the Strange?!

If you haven’t read this over on Kimberly’s blog – GO HERE!   This is hilarious!  I am SO coming home with this shirt…

But really, this is totally my favorite!!  I mean really, who doesn’t feel this way sometimes (all the time….)……

I just know some of this stuff will totally be coming home with me!!

7 comments to Emily the Strange?!

  • Oh gosh! Thanks for the digiscrapping link! I had only thought briefly about doing it with muted interest (time, money, you know the drill, ha ha). YOU’LL HAVE SUCH A GREAT TIME IN CHINA! I can’t believe so much time has gone by so quickly!! If I don’t catch you before you go, HAVE FUN!!

  • Julie C.

    I think the Emily things are way too funny and way too cool for you to pass up!!!!

  • That is way too cute!! I just saw them on Kim’s site!! ROTFL!! The second one is hysterical!

  • Kathy D

    Yeah, I saw Kimberly’s blog yesterday with all of the Emily things…I think you need the EMILY ON BOARD sign to hang in your crafting space!

  • Oh you have to get the “Emily ROCKS!” tshirt!

  • Hahaha! That “Emily the Strange” stuff cracks me up!

    I saw a wallet at the mall last week and I almost got it. LOL!

  • I just found a bunch of the Emily stuff at the Ocean State Job Lot. Don’t know if you’ve got that where you are, but it’s kind of like Big Lots.

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