Ok I could not be more relieved right now! I sold my old camera on ebay. I made an exception and let a person from Canada purchase it – I usually don’t ship to Canada on ebay because it takes so long to get there. Well…..it never showed up! I mean like I mailed it Jan 16th – priority international with insurance. And it got there TODAY! I’ve been praying so hard the past two days that it would just show up here or with the buyer. I had put together all the info to file with the post office – but it turns out they gave me the wrong insurance form so it wasn’t track-able! Arg! And I found the insurance slip, but not my receipt. So it was going to be a huge headache.

I had resigned myself to just eating the cost and refunding the buyer their $200. Totally would have sucked! But it came today! I wanna do a happy dance now! Seriously, I am so happy that it got there! Saved me a major headache….and the stress of trying to come up with the refund. Anyway, woohoo! That’s all. Totally a small thing, but I’m so happy!