Well, I’m here!

My ankle is kinda fat, but NOT broken. Tip – Never stand in an airline seat to get your bag out of the overhead compartment. Cause if it’s kinda heavy and you step out of the chair – you *might* roll your ankle, hard.

It hurt so bad! The flight attendant was really nice and kept me supplied with barf bags (CLEAN ONES) filled with ice. I think that helped a big – but it was a loooong flight with a VERY painful ankle. When we landed, I got a nice wheelchair ride through the airport. Thankfully, the flight attendant also stopped Kimberly on the way out and let her know I might be awhile. We took awhile because one bag didn’t make it. Thank goodness it was the one with stuff for Kimberly and Keith and NOT the one with all my clothes! That will be my next tip.

If you travel to a foreign country and you check two bags – MAKE SURE YOU ASK TO MARK ONE PRIORITY! They did not ask me this, but they say that for those flights they sometimes leave one behind and they send it on the next plane. Well, that’s what happened. They said they knew my bag was still in America and that it’ll arrive tomorrow. I sure hope so!

And just a tip – it is A-OK to smoke cigarettes at the hospital here. Just to let you know…..And x-rays, pain patches (for the foot to help with swelling and stuff – no idea what is in those!), and the whole visit was about $25 US.

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  • Debby

    Emily, sorry to hear about your ankle. I roll mine all the time so I feel your pain. Glad you got at least one piece of luggage. Isn’t it amazing how inexpensive health care is in a foreign country. Went to emergency room in Aruba, that visit and the meds….$65. I hope you have a wonderful visit with Kimberly and her family. Safe travels home! Debby

  • Anne Lawrie

    I’m sorry to hear about your accident. I hope that the rest of your trip is sooo much better!

  • Glad you made it in one piece but sorry about the Ankle! The smoking thing is pretty strange, we are so used to smoking not being allowed here in the States. When we went to Europe that is one of the things that really seemed odd. Hope all your other things make it to you tomorrow. Have a fabulous time 🙂

  • Jennifer

    yea!! glad you made it!! we are so excited for you to be there with your family!! Jeremy even said, i wish i was going to China, that would be cool..
    so sorry to hear about you ankle. glad everything checked out okay!!

  • so sorry you got hurt, Emily! but arrived safely sans Kimberly’s goodies. Look forward to hearing about your adventures in China!

  • Jackie G

    I am cringing at the thought of you hobbling around China all week–take care o yourself! I hope you have a wonderful time visiting with Kimberly, Keith and the girls. I’m so sorry I missed you before you left–totally forgot!!! I hope the Velveeta bag shows up soon.


  • So sorry about your ankle…what a terrible way to start your trip—glad it isnt broken though! Have a blast in CHINA! (No more dancing on your airplane seat!)

  • *HUGS* Hope the ankle doesn’t spoil your trip!

  • Gail

    What a way to start your trip!!!! Have a wonderful time with your sister and her family and make the most of this new experience!!!! I remember my China/Hong Kong visit to my sister in 1992 like it was yesterday. It was all about the people I was blessed to meet and Joy’s knowledge of the areas we visited. I know your in great hands!!!!!!

  • Oh Emily, I hope it feels better so you get to do some exploring. Did that last summer and couldn’t walk for over a week. Maybe you should stay away from clinging the Great Wall 🙂 Have fun and take lots of pics!

  • P.S. I meant climbing the Great Wall 🙂

  • Glad to hear you made it! Sorry to hear that you injured yourself though! Hope you have a speedy recovery!! Enjoy your time with your sister and her family 🙂

  • Gracie and Fred's Gram

    Glad you arrived “safely.” I just started reading Kimberly’s blog. Wow! It is entertaining. I subscribed, but couldn’t find a place to post to her (I seem to have that problem a lot). Please tell her hello and to keep those tales coming. DELIGHTFUL! Have a great visit.

  • Emily, I am glad yo umade it ok. I hope your ankle feels better soon, so that you can enjoy your time with family. I have never been out of the country. Hopefully you will post pics 🙂


  • So glad you’re there, Emily! I hope that your ankle mends quickly and your luggage makes it! My sister was always telling me how inexpensive medical care was in South Korea too.

  • twinks

    Take care and have fun! Katie’s bed or the sofa?

  • Oh no!!! I’ve done that (not stepping in an airline seat, but rolled my ankle while I was preggers) and it hurts so badly. I hope thatyou’re on the end quickly and that you have a wonderful trip with your sister. Can’t wait to see and hear all about it!

    Be well! Be careful!

  • You were on my mind all day yesterday and I was just so praying for a great flight and experience and now to know you rolled your ankle! 🙁 POOR THING. I’m so glad to know it’s not broken. My heart seriously goes out to you!!

  • Oh, Emily — that stinks! I’ll pray for your ankle to heal quickly — how awesome is that affordable health care, though?! Have a great trip and BE CAREFUL, Grace!!! ; )

  • Feel better soon! What a way to start a trip…across the other side of the world! Very few people can say they checked out the hospitals when they went to another country! 🙂 Hope you are up and about in no time. Sending good healing thoughts..Janet in NC

  • Aw, Emily! You’ll be in my prayers for a super fast recovery.
    Enjoy your time there! Can’t wait to see pics!!!

  • Denise Morgans

    Hi Emily, get well soon, hope the ankle doesn’t slow you down too much. Have a great time with Kimberley & gang. Lots of love, Denise in the UK x

  • Emily, so sorry to hear of your unfortunate incident, hope you can still make the most of your trip.

  • Glad you made it OK! Sorry about the bum ankle. Have a wonderful time visiting!

  • Sorry about your ankle! What a bummer at the start of the trip. Lucky you got your bag of clothes too! We were in Greece for 2 days without ours. I was so mad. That Priority thing is a great tip.

  • Elaine

    Oh no! Thank goodness it wasn’t broken! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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