My ankle is kinda fat, but NOT broken. Tip – Never stand in an airline seat to get your bag out of the overhead compartment. Cause if it’s kinda heavy and you step out of the chair – you *might* roll your ankle, hard.

It hurt so bad! The flight attendant was really nice and kept me supplied with barf bags (CLEAN ONES) filled with ice. I think that helped a big – but it was a loooong flight with a VERY painful ankle. When we landed, I got a nice wheelchair ride through the airport. Thankfully, the flight attendant also stopped Kimberly on the way out and let her know I might be awhile. We took awhile because one bag didn’t make it. Thank goodness it was the one with stuff for Kimberly and Keith and NOT the one with all my clothes! That will be my next tip.

If you travel to a foreign country and you check two bags – MAKE SURE YOU ASK TO MARK ONE PRIORITY! They did not ask me this, but they say that for those flights they sometimes leave one behind and they send it on the next plane. Well, that’s what happened. They said they knew my bag was still in America and that it’ll arrive tomorrow. I sure hope so!

And just a tip – it is A-OK to smoke cigarettes at the hospital here. Just to let you know…..And x-rays, pain patches (for the foot to help with swelling and stuff – no idea what is in those!), and the whole visit was about $25 US.