Alright y’all, here’s pics from my first day in Tianjin! My ankle is doing pretty good – I have no idea what is in the herbal smelling patches they gave me, but it feels pretty good! The patches, motrin and an ace bandage made it pretty tolerable. Kimberly and I even managed to walk back (not really that far…) from dinner and shop at the street markets. Yes – in the evening, people just put out stuff on the street and sell it. The items greatly vary….some is the exact same stuff you would buy at the stores…some is random stuff. Very interesting!

Ok, I’m just going to start right in with the pics – this is just stuff that I found interesting today…


First up – we went to McDonalds to hang out for a bit because we were early for Fellowship. And this is one item they have on the menu – a cup of corn! Kimberly honestly didn’t remember if they had that in the US. Nope! Although Andy would be thrilled if they did!


This is the huge dome they built for the Olympics this summer. I believe it will have soccer games held in it. I think it is maybe 1.5 miles from Kimberly’s apartment.


So at E-mart today…..E-Mart is a Korean owned grocery store/mall. It is 3 stories and the escalators are ramp-like and your cart will magnetize to it. Pretty cool! Anyway, today we saw this toothpaste. Do you see what is on the packaging? YES! Those are cigarettes. We aren’t sure if it is cigarette flavored toothpaste or somehow supposed to clean your teeth of cigarettes…..but does it matter? I don’t see that selling in the US….and fyi – it’s just over $1 a tube.


So…..this is 85 proof grain alcohol sealed in a *sack*. For .28 cents U.S………need I say more?


Here are the four of us (Keith drove and is taking the picture) in their MV (motorized bike cart). We rode around this way yesterday.


This is the girls and I at Hot Pot – a Mongolian style restaurant Chinese restaurant. They have a bowl in the middle, divided 3 ways. There are 3 kinds of broth based soups – one spicey, one not spicey and one mushroom based. (You can get others, that’s just what we ordered.) Then you order meats, veggies, etc to put in the soups. They heat it to a boil and then you drop your stuff in. After it is cooked, you fish it out with your chopsticks. It was really good!


I am quite proud that I managed to eat with chopsticks, and fill the girls plates. And this was my first time using them too!

Alright – that’s all for today! We are visiting Libby’s class today and then going shopping with Kimberly’s Chinese teacher.