Hello!  Here’s the stuff from Day Three.  We really didn’t take too many pictures today – we went to another market to shop, but forgot to get the camera out.  It rained which made the fact that they are digging up all the pipes to replace them in the entire city (good thing!) a very messy thing. Mud is bad!  Anyway, I’ve got a few of Kimberly and I eating meat on a stick at a little stand at the market.  It was funny – they have little “shops” and they empty all the food making stuff out and set it up under an awning  – then you can eat inside at little tables in the “shop”.  Make sense?


So here we are with our meat on a stick (and veggies on a stick).  They were really friendly and nice – especially because it was raining so not many people were venturing into the food area as it is not completely covered.


And Kimberly wanted one of me eating the meat on a stick.  Notice that I am wearing her hat?  Cause it is cold!  It was 52 (high) yesterday.  It’s a high of 54 today.  Chilly!  Oh and I realize that pink looks awful with my hair, but I don’t care!


And this was Katie this morning in her new dress Kimberly bought her.  I got her the Hello Kitty barrettes over her pigtails.  And yes, she knocked her head – slipped in the apartment yesterday.


So cute – and yes, that is her smile.  She’s in that cheesy stage.  (Not as many Libby pictures because she is at school all day).


And this was one from yesterday when we went to Ancient Culture Street.  He was repainting murals over a restaurant’s archways.  They had whitewashed it and then started over.  Beautiful, huh?

And lastly, I thought I would share another interesting cultural aspect.  When you go to a restaurant here, it is perfectly ok to bring your own drink.  Just like home – it is much cheaper to buy one at the grocery store than to buy one at a restaurant.  And here – that is not rude!  In fact, a lot of them kind of expect you to bring your own drinks.  Also, you would traditionally get your rice at the end of your meal.  Kimberly has gotten used to asking to have it with the meal because that is the way we eat it at home.

Alright – today we are going to eat with her Korean students.