Tianjin – Day Four

Good morning! Or evening…..

We didn’t do a whole lot yesterday – I think our feet needed a little break from all the walking! We did eat lunch with her Korean group of students. They are all wives of various execs of large companies here in Tianjin. Kimberly is teaching them English. We went to a restaurant where we sat on the floor. It was really nice – they are a fun, chatty group. Some of the food was not my thing, but they had the best BBQ’d pork ever! So tender and delicious! And they are so sweet – they brought me a gift! A tea set with some of the tea we had with lunch. I had given them postcards from Texas and Kimberly brought some of the conversation hearts I brought over because they had never heard of them before.

However, I did take a few pics later in the day. Kimberly was giving me some photography lessons. I bought the same camera she has and only knew how to use auto mode. So she gave me some tips.


Katie and I were snuggling on the couch watching Ratatouille yesterday while we were waiting for Keith and Libby to get home.


After they got home (and we ate dinner- ayi made Chao Mian for us) Kimberly and I took Libby outside and practiced some different camera stuff. Libby is pretty tolerant of modeling for you! I took that picture of her yesterday.


There are many fruit or veggie stands around the entrances to their apartment complex. This is the fruit stand we have been frequenting. It is important to build a relationship with your vendor of choice so that they will give you good prices, good produce, etc. Some of the things we got were great, some were not (the strawberries one night – wonderful! the next night – over half were rotten.) You cannot pick your own strawberries, you tell them how much and they fill the bag. The other fruits you can choose which one you would like.


And then we swung by Elle – previously Ann Taylor Loft/CK/etc. We took a peek inside and it is a small shop with some racks of clothes – all really nice western stuff. We are thinking samples or something small was wrong with them. All really nice brands. I have no idea what they cost – but I am sure they were cheaper than here! But there was only like one of each item.


And there is your local friendly butcher. See how the meat is all laying out on the counter? It is like that even in the heat of summer…. We did not buy any meat there, but Kimberly said ayi does sometimes. However, I have not gotten sick from anything here so far!


Want some fish? From the man with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth?  All of this is within a two block stretch outside Kimberly’s apartment. Some of it is there all day – produce, butcher, etc. Some of it is out only at night – clothing, dvd’s, bras, panties, hair stuff, jewelry, etc.


One hairdresser shop had some ROCKIN’ music pumping out of their doorway so Libby decided she needed to bust a move…..she’s got some great moves too!


And should you need any DVD’s – you can get them here for about $1 per disc – but unlike the US, there are MANY movies per disc. Like we saw the 2 disc set of ALL the Academy Award winning movies from THIS year (I think there were 18 movies on it). For $2. Somehow I don’t think that is approved by Hollywood……


The entire point of this walk was that Libby wanted to take just me to the McDonald’s that is 2 blocks from their apartment all by herself. So we let her lead the way (Kimberly went along in case we had language issues……). We stopped in and got ice cream cones (they do not have much chocolate here though – no chocolate ice cream on the menu at all.)

At your local McDonald’s, can you pick up the entire series of The Soprano’s for a couple of bucks right outside the door? You can here! And notice the obligatory peace signs, they thought they were quite funny too.

Today we are going to Libby’s school to eat lunch with her. Then to find some authentic Chinese outfits for my boys. We have pictures of Andy in one from way back when Kimberly and Keith went to China before. I think they’d love some to wear now! I did tell Matthew that I wanted a whole box of Reese’s Puffs ready when I get home. I love my cereal! Here, at the import store, they cost $11 US a box!!! Yikes! So yeah – they don’t eat cereal, lol!

13 comments to Tianjin – Day Four

  • AMY

    $11 a box…that is CRAZY!! Some cereal is $4 or $5 and I think that is ridiculous. Are you going to be able to tour beijing while u r there? IF u need a guide I have a friend there that is great. Love the blog!!!

  • Barb Hendrickson

    I’m keepin up with ya, Emily. All the way from Oklahoma City! I love reading about your travels and excursions each day and the photographs are awesome! I have to get one of those cameras. 🙂 Have a blessed time with your family. What is it your sister and her hubby are doing in China? Teaching English?


  • Great shots – hope you will share some of the tips you are learning, as I am still getting used to by Canon too.

    Can I ask what Conversation Hearts are?

    Thanks, and prayers for safety for the rest of your trip.

  • Emily I love the daily updates. I’ll never get there and you sharing your days makes me feel like I am there. What an experience! I missed your post I think from when Kimberly left , why are they in China?

  • smallcity

    This is so great seeing all the pics and getting a tour of the city. Have a wonderful time with your sister and her family.

  • It is awesome getting to see China through your eyes! Thanks for your amazing reports each day!

  • Kate Hart-Sampson

    Emily, thanks so much for the tour of China. Your pictures and comments make it seem like we’re there with you.

  • Debbie Fisher

    Emily, keep the photos coming! I too feel like I am there with you. I homeschool my youngest, so we talk about all the things that you are posting.

  • Emily, I am so enjoying your chronicles of your days in China. Sounds like you are having a great time!

  • Marisa

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time!! What a great adventure and experience. I have been able to travel and live in a few countries and always enjoy learning about the culture and experiencing things from their way of life. Enjoy and I’m sure you will have tons of memories and pics. to scrap 🙂

  • What a great trip you’re having! I wanna buy all 18 movies for $2. Jea-luss!

  • Sherri P

    It’s spring break here in PA, so I had a week catch up to do here. I love the photos you’ve been sharing, as well as your perspective! It must be fascinating to be experiencing this firsthand. Not to mention being able to hang with your sister! Off to catch up on Kimberly’s blog now! Enjoy, have a great rest of your visit, and thanks for sharing!!!

  • Ross wants to know if you ordered a cup of corn on this trip to McDonalds, LOL. That totally cracked us up!!! Glad you ankle is doing better and looks like y’all are having a blast. We have enjoyed all of your stories and pics. Your photo of Libby is beautiful! I still gotta learn how to use that camera. Have fun in Beijing!

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