Well, I was supposed to be back in Texas Saturday afternoon. Didn’t happen.

Our flight from Beijing was delayed 3 hrs. So I spent 3 hrs in line with Kimberly in Beijing trying to rebook another flight home once I landed in San Francisco. No luck.

I got to San Francisco – waited in line another 3 hrs only to be told there was nothing left that day. So I was given food and hotel vouchers and a ticket for the following day on US Airways. Get this – I would leave SF at 9am and fly to Charlotte, NC then to DFW. I would arrive in TX at 8:20pm. Totally sucked – but what could I do?

So I went to the hotel, got a little sleep, then went to the airport Sunday morning. All the while lugging ALL my suitcases. I go to the US Airways counter where I am told I have NO seat! WHAT!?!?! So I lug all my junk 2 terminals away over to the United counter and pretty much freak out. I told the lady I knew it wasn’t her fault, but I was hungry, tired, in need of coffee, and I WANT TO GO HOME! I am told there are no seats until MONDAY! I was given a standby ticket for a direct flight arriving in TX at 4pm today (Sunday) and thank goodness – I got on!

So finally, I am home. Exhausted, but home.

I’ll update the rest of my trip and pics later…..

Oh and uh…..United left one of my bags behind on the way there and then had so much joy for me in getting home…..I’m just sayin…..