Well, I was supposed to be back in Texas Saturday afternoon. Didn’t happen.

Our flight from Beijing was delayed 3 hrs. So I spent 3 hrs in line with Kimberly in Beijing trying to rebook another flight home once I landed in San Francisco. No luck.

I got to San Francisco – waited in line another 3 hrs only to be told there was nothing left that day. So I was given food and hotel vouchers and a ticket for the following day on US Airways. Get this – I would leave SF at 9am and fly to Charlotte, NC then to DFW. I would arrive in TX at 8:20pm. Totally sucked – but what could I do?

So I went to the hotel, got a little sleep, then went to the airport Sunday morning. All the while lugging ALL my suitcases. I go to the US Airways counter where I am told I have NO seat! WHAT!?!?! So I lug all my junk 2 terminals away over to the United counter and pretty much freak out. I told the lady I knew it wasn’t her fault, but I was hungry, tired, in need of coffee, and I WANT TO GO HOME! I am told there are no seats until MONDAY! I was given a standby ticket for a direct flight arriving in TX at 4pm today (Sunday) and thank goodness – I got on!

So finally, I am home. Exhausted, but home.

I’ll update the rest of my trip and pics later…..

Oh and uh…..United left one of my bags behind on the way there and then had so much joy for me in getting home…..I’m just sayin…..

32 comments to Seriously?!?!

  • What a way to finish your trip! Glad you’re home safely. Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip!

  • what a bummer – that totally bites. Glad you’re home safely, at least none of your luggage was delayed this time – or lost. Looking forward to seeing more from your trip-so far the pics have been awesome

  • Jean

    All’s well that ends well. What a great story to laugh about YEARS from now. LOL You are home and that is an answer to our prayers and the prayers of Matthew and the boys. Try to get back on Texas time and have a good Monday.

  • Oooh, Emily that stinks you had so much trauma getting home! The one and ONLY time I flew United I had problems too – nowhere near as bad as yours but delays, bumpings, no plane, etc. – and oh, they don’t care. I wrote a nasty letter to corporate and they sent me a $25 voucher for my next flight. Yeah, I’ll be spending that….never.

    Glad you are home safe!! Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics.

  • Debby

    Emily, definitely a trip to remember! Thanks for sharing your trip with us – it has been fun reading all about it!

  • Welcome home Emily. (((big hugs))) for the frustration, and lots of get caught up on sleep wishes! Hope it was all worth it in the end to hand with Kimberly. We were visiting TX while you were in China. I was hanging with my sister in San Antonio. We loved Texas weather, compared to St. Louis in March! 🙂

  • um, yeah, that was supposed to say “hang with Kimberly” not “hand”… guess I need to catch up on sleep too. 😀

  • Sharon (stampscout)

    Welcome home, Emily! What memories and laughs you will have when you’re rested up. Thinking positive, you had an extra 3 hours with Kimberly! LOL

  • Soo glad you made it home! UCK!

  • Oh no! That sounds just horrible! Oh Emily I’m so sorry. Glad you are back home safe and sound though! Rest up & relax now and enjoy your handsome boys!

  • Glad you made it home safely Em!! We should have kept ya tucked into our double bed with all 5 of us for an extra night! It would have been more fun!! just sayin’!

  • twinks

    In the end, a direct flight from SF was great! Give you a lot of credit for going it alone and am glad you’re safe at home. TFS your journey with us – can’t wait to hear more. Sleep tight!

  • I’m not afraid to fly, but I anticipate crud like this almost every time I fly now! SO aggravating and totally unacceptable customer service. I’m so sorry this happened to you! Good reason to complain about (and to) United. US Air did this to me, and I’ll never fly with them again. Only Delta has never done this to me, and although I may have other complaints about them, the service regarding delays has been a big reason why I continue to fly with them.

    Get some rest!!

  • jo ann

    this was soooooooooo pathetic and so typical of the airlines. sorry you had to face all the inconvenience after an already LONG day of travel not to mention the consuming desire to be home (!!!) after such a long journey … and back to your nest and all your stamping stuff. so glad you finally made it … enjoyed all your pics and comments. now all a distant memory … welcome back!!!

  • Emily- I have been there- with United. Last year we had a group of 15 going to Romania on a mission trip. Instead of telling us in Knoxville that we needed to be rerouted they allowed us to be delayed 3 hours which meant we JUST (by 5 minutes) missed out connecting flight in Chicago to Vienna. Then we waited 6 hours while they tried to get us on a flight out- we ended up leaving Chicago the next day flying to LaGuardia shuttling to JFK and then flying to Vienna where we had to stay overnight before flying t0 Romania. The only two flight that left on time the whole trip were the one we missed and the one coming back to KNoxville. Oh, and one of my teammates pieces of luggage stayed in Chicago the WHOLE week- they tried to track it down and said the number wasn’t on there. When we got back to Chicago they had just sent it to K-ville and then when we got home it was there- with all the numbers on it! It was crazy!!!!

  • So sorry you had such a horrible time trying to get home. I have never flown, so I am not sure if this is something that frequently happens or not. I have tell you that I really have enjoyed your pictures from Taijing though. Thanks so much for keeping us informed. I thought the pics and your time with your family was very interesting. 🙂 Kelly

  • Julie C.

    We are glad that you are home safely and I know your family was totally glad to see you!!! Get some rest and you’ll be good as new soon!

  • sharon

    Airline travel can be the pitts, to say the least. No doubt you are so happy to be back home with your guys…I’m sure they missed you immensely. Now rest up from your travels and enjoy the many memories you have of your visit with Kimberly and her terrific family. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your pictures were wonderful…it’ll be great to see some more when you have time.

  • Glad you made it home! That trip home sounds like a nightmare!

  • Debby

    I’m so glad you made it home Emily. You have my sympathy with United….my hubby and I went to Phoenix a few years ago and on our way home we got to the airport early. They told us they could get us on an earlier flight out to Chicago, so we would have to be in Chicago until our next flight. Hubby and I said sure, it didn’t matter to us where we waited. What they didn’t tell us was that they wouldn’t serve us any food on the flight…I’m talking nothing, no peanuts, no snacks, nothing….cuz we weren’t originally booked on the flight, so they didn’t have any food for us. Yeah, I don’t fly United now.

  • I am so sorry that all happened. Yes…a great story to tell after enough time has passed to have it be “almost comical”. I am sure you were too tired and ticked to take pictures for scrapbooking the journey home. Glad you are home safe and sound and can’t wait to here more about the trip. I know Kimberly is missing you terribly. Thank you both so much for sharing your adventures with us. I look forward to a new adventure every day. I have learned so much from the both of you and am so grateful!!! Janet in nc

  • Marisa

    Glad you made it home. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed and I’m sure the welcome home you got from your family and the memories of your time with Kimberly will help get rid of some of the flight frustrations — at least a little bit. Looking forward to seeing more pics and stories about your trip.

  • Poor You, at least the trip was good….

  • Oh Emily, I’m so sorry you had a crappy trip home. I flew United on my first trip to China and said never again!

    I enjoyed following your trip to visit Kimberly and family and I look forward to seeing the rest of your pics once you are all rested and over the jetlag.

    Happy Easter, a day late… 🙂

  • katg1006

    Oh Emily – that’s horrible ((hugs))

  • Tina Suzan


    Sorry it was such a disaster coming home, but very glad you made it back safely. Rest up (if you can) and we will still be here when you’re ready!! Again, Thanks sooo much for sharing your trip with us…it was GREAT!!!

    In Peace & Laughter,

  • I am sorry that your trip back was a long, exhausting, and frustrating one. But, isn’t it good to be back on American soil? I know I always felt that way, especially when I went somewhere where English was not the primary language. Glad you are home and safe. Can’t wait to see more pics.

  • Patty


    Oh, oh, why did I choose United for our trip?

    I am sure all of your boys were REALLY glad to finally see you home safe.


  • Diane Lapointe

    Poor you!!!! Doesn’t it feel great to be back home!!! Welcome back!!!

  • Barb Hendrickson

    I think the lesson I’ve learned from reading all of these posts is…..NEVER FLY UNITED! Wow! What a mess, Emily. I’m so happy that you are safe and sound at home after a long and adventurous trip to see your sis. Are they staying in China for an extended period of time, or do they have a return date in mind?

    Bless you,

  • Ana

    Oh no Emily! I am so sorry to hear about all the delays and headaches. Now you just need a vacation from this vacation. Have a relaxing day 🙂

  • Thanks so much for filling us in on all of your fun with your sister. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip despite the mess getting home.

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