Jet Lag stinks~!

Like I totally have so much to do, right?  I mean, there is a lot that I need to catch up on….bills, grocery shopping, etc.  Thank goodness the house was absolutely SPOTLESS when I got home!  THANK YOU, BABE!  (and boys!)

But I am outrageously tired!  I think it’s a combo of jet-lag, stress from the whole airport ordeal and just coming down from doing SO much with Kimberly every day.  Anyway, I had a horrible time waking up today.  And I got nothing done.  Oh well!  I did post the Color Challenge at SCS – but I didn’t do a sample.  You can find it <here>.

However, I do have something I made for Katie and Libby.  I made this the day before I left – you know….when I was supposed to be packing….and I brought it with me to give them.  It was made from the 6×6 quick page book I did for our relatives at Christmas.  Kind of a year-in-review of the boys.  We have done videos before that use various pictures and camcorder clips as year-in-review things for family.  This was just a different take on it.  I figure grandparents and such appreciate something like this more than a present I could afford to buy, ya know?  At least I hope so!

This was done just like the last board book I made – you can see some instructions on that <here>.  Basically, I use the quick pages, paste them on to a 4×6 blank page in PSE 5 (so that I can The book I used was the Cuddlebug Album from Shabby Princess.   I love quick page albums for projects like this.  And unlike paper scrapping – I just printed several copies of the finished pages and gave them to lots of people!  I used a template and stuff from the Silly Boy {Cuddlebug} Kit to make the front and back covers.  And if you get a quick page book that doesn’t have enough pages – just try rotating a few of them for a different look!


Front Cover


one of the inside pages (there were 8 coasters – two sides to each)


Back Cover

I used 1 1/2 in white zutter coils for my Bind It All to make it.  4×4 in medium weight coasters, mod podge to put pics on (no sealant on top – just matte photos), and various ribbons all approved by Andy.

Album credtis:
template – Colleen Brady
paper – Shabby Princess – Smarshmallows and Cuddlebug
ricrac – Shabby Princess – Cuddlebug
photo corners – Shabby Princess – Cuddlebug
staples – Jenn Patrick – Wrong Side staples
red foil – Rachel Young – Fa la la la
blue stamped – Gina Miller – Goopy Stamped Alpha (recovered)
stitched paper – Dani Mogstad – Under Construction
font – Darcy Baldwin – DJB Heather G

I added a few things – journaling, a few dates (sometimes on tags), etc.  Pretty easy!  It takes me just a few hours to make an entire book this way!  I think all the family enjoyed theirs – I know the boys love their copy!  I also gave a copy to their cousins, they enjoyed it as well.  And it cost about $9 to print an entire album at Costco.

I will show you the rest of my China stuff, tell you about Beijing, and karaoke.  But I just was not up to it today!

14 comments to Jet Lag stinks~!

  • PS

    Give yourself a break – jet lag coming back from Asia is the worst!!! On my one and only trip to Asia- I was so out of it for one week. My friends say that too. So just take it easy!!

  • Jet lag does stink! I am sure you will be back at it in no time. Can’t wait to see more of your creations. The album you posted is beautiful. Your boys are so handsome!

  • Melissa

    Jet lag does suck! I had it once but then I think….it was so worth it!! lol Thank you for sharing your pics from China (so jealous that you went!!)!! And I love this album!!!


  • Carolynn

    Beautiful booklet, I love it! I’m glad you made it home safely:) Hope you get plenty of rest!

  • Glad you made it home safe and sound! That wasn’t an easy journey for you at all, but I’m so glad for Kimberly that you made the huge effort to go see her. Rest up!

  • LOVE the board book, must see the how-to later. Love the story of you getting home. *sigh* I can only imagine that you were ready to get there!!! I couldn’t believe it when it was time for you to GO to see Kim, and now I can’t believe you’re home already!!

  • smallcity

    What an adorable idea. Can;t wait to see more pics of China


  • good to have you back..I love the album…i know it must have been hard to say goodbye!! hugs

  • Elaine

    Cute album!

  • Oh, Emily! This is fantastic! I have some of these kits, and you are FORCING me to get them out and play! You ROCK!

  • Melissa D. (SCS honeybee7896)

    I know what you mean about jetlag. While you were in China and I had to make an unexpected trip to Connecticut. Even though I didn’t have the troubles you had coming home the time difference is just messing with my body and brain. I got home on Sat., here it is the next Wed. and I still have some stuff to put away, laundry to do, and so much house cleaning to worry about.

    On another note, I love the album you put together for the boys. What a great way to get some scrapbooking in without all the extra stuff. Quick and easy but still a scrapbook. I might have to do the same thing. I just can’t get motivated to finish my youngest son’s baby book (first year only) and he is now 2.

  • ooo, jet lag is a killer. Good luck with that…just make sure it doesn’t affect your mailing skillz. ha

  • Welcome back! Jet lag is a killer. I went to Russia in high school and boy was I pooped in class 🙂 Oh, and can you send those nice boys to my house…I need some spotless going on over here!

  • Your book is fantastic!! What a great gift!

    I hope you’re feeling better soon — I can’t imagine how tired you must be!

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