Go Big or Go Gnome…..love it!

Dude – look what I found today! And on clearance for $10! A little birthday present to myself!

Ahh – isn’t it the bestest?!?  Matthew and the boys are celebrating “30 days til Mommy turns 30” right now….or as the boys like to call it “30 Days of Mommy”.  Isn’t that cute??  Anyway, so far they have given me several colored pictures of various gnomes – some are even the Travelocity gnome.  Very cool – my fridge will soon be COVERED with gnome pictures!  I was also surprised with a two part gift when I got home from the airport.  They had planted some flowers out front.  We have a small tree there and it’s got landscaping bricks around it, but we’ve never planted anything there.  Just left the wood-chips.  Well, they planted flowers while I was gone.  The second part of that is that in the fall, during bulb season, Matthew will plant lots of daffodils there.  I can’t wait til next spring!  I love daffodils, even if they are only in season for like a week.

I do have something way cute to share (if you were at GinaK’s release party earlier this month – you’ve seen it!) but I am behind schedule today  and  I must do my Pilates first.  Dang – the Intermediate one I moved up to is torturous to my abs!  Some day I’ll notice a difference though, right?

Oh and I’ve got another ribbon share for y’all!  I happened upon a good deal right when I got home.  I couldn’t take pre-paid orders because I had to purchase that day.  But I did order double (that was as much as I could swing on my own) this time.  So there will be 17 slots.  I *will not* take orders/fill slots/take names until I post the share with details.  So please don’t ask me!  It’ll be up some time next week after we get it all cut and packaged up.  It should be all the same pricing as last time though.  Sorry I couldn’t take preorders, but I couldn’t pass up the same sale I got the first time!  Helps keep the cost down for everyone!

And tonight I am going to a scrapbook evening at my church.  I am dying to get some of these half-finished pages I have on my hard drive finished.  So I am excited about going and hopefully finishing something!  So hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some scrap pages to show you!  I am also working on a donation basket for the boys school.  They are having a silent auction and carnival and one hope is that they raise enough money to get a cover for the playground.  Believe me – this is a necessity in Texas!  So I am trying to make my basket as awesome as possible in order to raise more money.  We’ll see how that goes!  I’ll show y’all what I come up with.  It’s going to be a baby theme – everyone around elementary schools always knows someone having a baby, right?

5 comments to Go Big or Go Gnome…..love it!

  • What ? When is your bday?

  • I just love reading your blog. I like the way you mix your everyday stuff into it. My mom loves gnomes too. She has them all over her garden. I am interested in your ribbon share. I have not seen it before not sure how it works. I will keep watching.


  • Oh, emily! We ARE birds of a feather — I actually have that shirt!!!

  • Have the shirt? I think I’m ON the shirt. Tee hee.

  • Kelly Green

    Emily – congratulations on the “30 days of Mommy”! I turned 40 last summer and had “the 40 Days of Kelly” which involved spa days, museum trips, many many self-purchased presents to me (most of which sparkled and cost a lot of cash!)! And culminated in a trip to Las Vegas with all my high school friends who were also celebrating 40th birthdays! I highly recommend making the birthdays with the “0”s or “5”s on the end something special!

    Love the t-shirt!

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