The rest of my trip…

Alright, here’s the summary of the rest of my trip in China.

We went to Karaoke on Thursday night.  Wow was that interesting!  They really need Karaoke bars like this in America!  They are really nice!  Like huge fancy buildings with lots of rooms inside.  Each room has lots of comfy seating, a big screen tv, a little computer doodad for choosing songs, a coffee table for drinks and snacks….odd lighting and mirror walls…and buttons to push to make a clapping sound, laughter, etc.  Very fun!  And the best part – all the songs have the WORST VIDEOS EVER!  Like totally not the right ones.  It was awesome!

Favorite part – when Kimberly and I rocked out to You’ve Got It (the Right Stuff)! by NKOTB.  Yeah,…that was awesome, lol!  Oh and totally NOT their video either.  They were so not doing the dance right….

Other favorite part – when the girls sang Old McDonald Had A Farm.  It had a video of some kids playing on a beach.  Cause that’s where you farm!  And the verses rocked!  There was a Buck that said quack……a dog that said ouch!  Awesome fun!

Friday in Beijing was different.  I liked Tianjin much better than Beijing.  I think there is a lot more ‘community’ feel to Tianjin even though it has over 10 million people.  You get in a cab in Beijing….and they might totally rip you off… when you ask to go to the nearest subway stop and they pass like 7 and drop you within 2 blocks of your final destination.  Like that.

We did go to Silk Alley – that was an experience.  So many people wanting your attention.  “Hey pretty lady – want to come see my bags/clothes/underwear/etc?”  I put off a pretty strong *don’t touch me* vibe so I didn’t get accosted too much.  I am fine with the grabbing the sleeve a bit.  But when one guy grabbed my hand OUT OF MY POCKET and tried to pull me into his shop….that was a little much.  Kimberly started rattling off some Chinese at him…I’m pretty sure she told him to step off.  It was very interesting to see how the bargaining process went.  Like I wanted a silk embroidered robe for myself and for my SIL Tiffany.  They started out at 300 yuan each.  After much dickering that included Kimberly sharing pics of her girls, saying she was from Tianjin, etc….we got 2 robes for 95 yuan.  Much better!  And some people actually pay the original prices!

And here are the last pics I took there…..they are mostly from the hotel in Beijing.  Kimberly, Katie – aka the bed hog, Libby and I shared a supposedly King size bed.  That was tons of fun!


horrid angle on me, but cute shot of the girls!


Katie hanging out on the bus/van that we took to Beijing.


The girls wearing their tees I bought them at Silk Alley – Libby loves the Disney princesses and Katie loves Hello Kitty.  Katie was being special that morning.  This was just before I headed out to the airport.


Libby was in a much better mood though.  I am glad I was there then because I think it really took her mind off her surgery so she didn’t stress about it too much.


And Kimberly and I took a pic before we went to the airport.  We got like two shots together the whole trip!  We’re always the ones behind the lens.

Kimberly made hats for the boys – she mentioned the story <here> on her blog.  Adam’s was knit and the other two were crocheted.  They each have something different about them so I can tell them apart too.  They loved them!


Adam even slept in his – he calls it his China Hat.  When I asked if he wanted to take his Chinese outfit (a traditional costume) to school to show his class….he wanted to take this hat.


(That’s my bed though – he likes to fall asleep there and then we move him when we go to bed.)

So that’s all!  Several people asked why Kimberly and her family live in China.  I know I’ve mentioned it, but her husband teaches 3rd grade at an International school there.  They met in Hong Kong during a semester abroad program and have always wanted to live there.  This was their chance!   Thanks for following my journey!

21 comments to The rest of my trip…

  • It must have been so hard to say goodbye. Your pics are great! So cute. Hope you can get back there again soon.

  • Kimberly

    Awww, I’m glad they liked the hats!

    I want to see them in their Chinese outfits!! Cute pics of youa nd the girls together!!

  • I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading about your trip to China, Emily. It really gave a good look into life there, and your pictures are great! I’m glad youre home safely and know you must STILL be exhausted from jet lag. I bet your boys are glad to have you back too! Thanks again for sharing!


  • They look so angelic while they sleep don’t they. How exciting your trip was to those of us that followed. Makes me want to visit China. Korea has much the same touchy thing as the markets in China. I LOVED shopping there though. DH was great at bargaining.

  • What an amazing journey! You’re sooooo lucky!!! Looks like all of you had a great time. I’m sure it was hard to leave your sis, but I bet it felt wonderful to get home. And can I just tell you that your boys are ADORABLE?!?!?1

  • Meant to also say those karaoke bars sound like so much fun! I LOVE to karaoke (I’m a terrible singer, which makes it all the more fun, you know). And since you save so much money on the robes for you & Tiff, could you not have picked up one for your pal in Oklahoma?! Just sayin’…

  • Kelly

    I really enjoy your blog. I visit you every time I get on my computer!! I have really enjoyed following your trip to China. It was very neat to see pic. of everyday life, I love to see that sometimes more that tourist stuff. Thank you for sharing your trip, and all of your great projects you do. Have a great day!

  • sandra

    I just wanted you to know that I’ve really enjoyed reading and learning about the Chinese culture on your blog and Kim’s! I too wondered why they moved to China (glad you explained it again). Just curious! I moved to the USA when I was 10 and did not speak English. It was very interesting!
    This is funny, but one day Kim posted pictures of a dish she was cooking, well…. I had to run out to eat Chinese! It tasted sooooo good!
    I’m glad you are back safely and I know you miss your sister and nieces! Hang in there!
    p.s. I met you at one of Mimi’s meetings 🙂

  • Aunt Michelle

    Do we get to see photos of the boys in their outfits?

  • awesome pics!! that’s too funny about the Karaoke place, I agree America needs one of those!! too cool love the boys hats & that Adam slept with his (probably misses his aunt, uncle & cousins and that’s one way to stay connected-sweet)

  • Carol

    Emily, I can’t describe how much I’ve enjoyed your sharing this journey with your readers! It’s been fun, and such a learning experience and your pictures are priceless! When is Kimberly coming to the US for a visit? Your little neices are so adorable. Your boys are cute too, but we can’t call boys adorable can we? LOL Seriously, TFS this adventure – I’ve really enjoyed it:)

  • Roxane

    Thanks for sharing! My husband is leaving for Hong Kong and several other places in China and Tokyo tomorrow. It is neat to see some of the things he might see since I can’t go.

  • sharon

    Those pics are fabulous!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your exciting adventure in China with us. Hope you are able to get some much needed rest now so your foot can totally heal. No doubt you and Kim are missing one another waaay much, but it’s soooo marvelous you were able to go be with her even for a short time. Hope she’ll be able to return to the US before tooo long.

  • Hi Emily!
    It looks like you had a blast with your sister. That’s so awesome!! Welcome back! 🙂

  • What an amazing experience! All your photos are so great! Maybe you could open a Chinese karaoke bar in Texas — I’d make a road trip for that!! 🙂

  • Beverly A

    You sound like you had a trip of a lifetime! I’m glad you got to see your sister. Thanks for sharing your journey and your pictures.

  • Elaine

    Funny about the karaoke; and I just heard that same song by NKOTB on the radio yesterday! What a flashback, lol!

  • Emily thanks so much for sharing your journey. i know I will never ever make it there an you made your experience feel like I was there. Thanks so much!!

  • You gotta love shopping under pressure. I know I do…”Hey pretty lady, I give you friend discount”

  • Tina Suzan

    Thanks sooo much for the daily update on your entire trip!!!! Loved reading every word and every picture was fab!! Glad you are home safe and sound and I’m sure all of your boys are VERY HAPPY to have you home too!! Happy Birthday…30 days early!!

  • Marianne

    Emily, I so enjoyed reading about your trip each day of your travels. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. Each day I looked forward to reading about your day. I lived vicariously thru your writings.
    We had a fun trip? Didn’t we???LOL.

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