Since Kimberly and I challenged each other to do two pages a month – one due on the 15th and one on the 30th…..well, here are my two for March!  I was gone on the 15th, so I’ll show you both at once.  And you know what’s really funny about these two pages?  One was started back in November.  The other was started in March.  They both use the SAME template!  Too funny.  Anyway, here they are!

Oh and I got a FAB resizing action from Paint The Moon at Oscraps.  I asked about getting it to resize to 500×500 because that is what my blog takes (the action takes 600×600).  And Annie kindly re-made it for me so that they would be the right size!  I love it!  It works fabulously and I use it on all my pictures now!



I love Halloween.  I don’t know that I always loved it, but I love it now that I have you boys.  I loved dressing you up when you were babies and I love seeing you dressed up in the costume of your choice now.  I love carving pumpkins.  I love seeing your faces when we light them.  I love the fun we have as a family.  It’s the one holiday where we can all act like kids.  The day where you can go to the store dressed as The Wolverine and no one looks at you too funny. And then there’s the candy, who doesn’t love that?!

template – 2 Sisters – Our Closet: Journaling
Green Stitches – Kim Christensen – Tied Flossy Stitches (recolored)
Paper –Holliewood Studios – Paper Essentials
Date – Amber Clegg – Date It
Staples – Jenn Patrick – Backwards Staples

Font – Darcy Baldwin – DJB Another Mandy
Alpha – Emily Merritt – Wicked Collab Crayon Alpha

drop shadows – Traci Murphy
photo actions – Natasha Whiteley

And the second page uses a quiz from an back issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine.  There are 20 (I think?) quizzes in there and I love the idea of doing them every year or so with your kids to see how their answers change.  It was funny to hear some of their answers on other quizzes too!  You can find the magazine <here>.


template – Two Sisters – Our Closet: Journaling
frame – Nancy Comelab – Dani Mogstad b-day gift goody
Crumpled Paper – Tracy Ann – Verse Bits

Background Paper – Holliewood Studios – Paper Essentials
Stitches on pic – Kate Hadfield – Neutral Stitches
Stitches at bottom – Bren Boone – Messy Lil Stitches
Fonts – Darcy Baldwin – DJB Another Mandy and DJB Teacher
Alpha – Kate Hadfield – Newspaper Alpha

Alpha – Kate Hadfield – Doodled and Stitched Alpha
Title Font – Pea Lacy Chunky
Date – Amber Clegg – Date Stamps

drop shadows – Traci Murphy
photo actions – Natasha Whiteley – Vintage

Ok, I have a few finishing touches to put on my gift basket for the boys school silent auction….I’d like to hear what you think – I really want it to be good!