This time – it’s TRUE!!!

Thank you Cara for tipping me off to this fabulous news!  I’ll be setting my DVR for sure!

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Late January we reported that NKOTB were considering a reunion.

Now reports have been confirmed that news. How anti-climactic!

New Kids On The Block, the original N’Sync all-boy band, will be performing together for the first time in years on April 4th, on the Today show. Yeah, that’s THIS Friday.

NKTOB, consisting of Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, and Donnie Wahlberg are back together. But will this be as successful as the Spice Girls reunion???

Coincidentally, 2008 marks the groups 20th anniversary since the release of their big hit, Hangin’ Tough.

A reunion tour seems like it might be in the works.

But the question is, does anyone still care?

Um, I CARE, lol!

21 comments to This time – it’s TRUE!!!

  • Katie

    I care too! I loved NKOTB. I wish I could watch or record it. I hope i can watch it online. Im pumped. Thanks for the good news.

  • Jennifer (jkincolorado)

    I care! I can’t wait to see how they’ve aged. I loved Joey!!

    I’ll be sure to watch them on Friday — thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • I care too!! 🙂 I saw it yesterday and I was like awesome and went down-stair and set up the DVR for it!! LOL!! I’m looking forward to see what they’ll be coming out this time around with it being almost 14 years since they parted!! I was at one of their last tour before they split up like a month later after that concert I attended. (that was without Jon!)

  • OMG I loved NKOTB LOL
    Hopefully it will be on YouTube so I can check it out.
    So Emily, who was ur favourite NKOTB? (*sigh* Donnie Wahlberg here lol)

  • Gabriela Duclos

    lol.. I totally care. I loved the NKOTB… In fact, they where my very first concert… ever!.

    I had it bad for Jordan. Thanks for telling me. DVR has been set!

  • Crystal L

    I was so in love with the NKOTB, my favorite guy was Jordan! WOW. Can’t want to see them again.

  • Oh my Gosh!!! My mom & sister LOVED them when they were younger. I guess I will be watching this with her 🙂 I need to see what this is all about, LOL!! They even have pictures from a concert & posters, hehehe.


  • I totally care too!! I don’t care where I have to go to see them in concert but I will travel all over the country if I have to. I so wish could get to NYC for Friday!!!

  • I cared then! I’ll be watching! Is this an April Fool’s joke??? 😛

  • Mary Jane D.

    I was my younger sister’s chaperone to their concerts. I still liked them, but I was not over the top like she was. I just sent her an e-mail letting her know to watch on Friday. I found an old set of NKOTB post cards and gave them to her for Christmas last year. I feel old…

  • Shauna

    I see that someone asked if this was an April Fool’s joke??? I took my oldest daughter and a friend to one of their concerts in Oakland, CA!! (She’s 29 now! Wow! That was a long time ago!) Anyway, I forwarded the photo and the “news” to all 3 of my daughters…….I guess we’ll find out on Friday if we all got fooled!!

  • OMG ! This is great news ! I was a huge fan at that time ! I can’t watch the Today show in the Netherlands, but maybe you’ll post about the show ?

  • Angie J

    I am SO super excited about this! You have no idea! 🙂 My sister is home from work on Friday and will be recording it for me!

  • Lori

    You mean you’re not signed up for their email ist?? LOL!
    I am so excited to see them on Friday!! 🙂 Jonathan was my favorite.

  • oh i have to set my tivo on this…

  • I totally care!! Thanks for keeping me in the loop! Lol… I love new kids!! 🙂

  • Ashley Best

    OK, I have to make a comment! lol

    When I was in seventh (89-90) grade, I sorta liked them but during free time after lunch (which basically meant hide in a corner so the cool kids couldn’t pick on you) a girl asked if I liked NOKTB .. out of the blue.. and I thought I better say yes in case she thought they were cool… so I said “yah, kinda” and then her and her little group laughed and laughed at me.
    So, I have hated them ever since! No fault of their own… just bruised pride.
    I have mixed emotions about a reunion, but Power to all the Love Struck ladies out there! 🙂

  • Emily

    Thought you’d want to see this. this was just posted a while ago and I found it…. here’s a quick video previewing for today’s show (4/4),,20187803,00.html

  • You know I was suppose to be Mrs. Jordan Knight right??? LOL>> OH MY GOSH… step by step gonna get to you girllll ! LOLOL ( isn’t that what they were wearing in that video?? lol)

    OHHH thanks Emily!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! l

  • Yes, DVR is set to record! My girls think I’m crazy. We saw a story on Inside Edition last night. I told them “Look that could’ve been your dad. I was supposed to marry Jordan Knight!”

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