I have had a complaint about my ribbon shares. I’m not sure how to respond, but just in case there are others out there that feel this way – I felt I should explain to the masses.

I am not doing the share as any part of a store thing. I’m not in the business of selling ribbon. Personally, I wanted to collect a bunch of grosgrain ribbon colors. I use 1/4 in grosgrain on a lot of projects. My two friends wanted to join me in collecting it. So I looked around and found a place to order 100 yd rolls from. Since I do not need that much ribbon, I decided to cut it up in to 10 yd segments and offer the extra for sale on my blog. The main purpose being to be able to order large quantities and collect all the colors.

The first time I only ordered one roll of each color.  That left 7 slots for sale. They went very quickly. Since so many seemed interested, I decided to try to do it prepay next time so that more people could be involved.   When it didn’t work out timing wise for me to be able to do that 2nd round, I ordered twice as much so more people could be involved.  However, this was not my original intention. I decided to offer it to more people because there were people who wanted to participate.  The entire process is quite time consuming.  I don’t mind doing it, but it was never my intention to have huge ribbon shares or to treat it like a shop thing.  It’s just been something that sprung out of some friends getting together to buy bulk ribbon.

I have never moderated comments on my blog, but this time I have.  I am posting this message to let you all know the why and how of the whole ribbon share deal. I did not intend to hurt any-one’s feelings (I truly took the first emails I got), to create drama, or anything else of that nature. I’m sorry if anyone felt that way, I would never do that!

While this was all probably too much information and I’ve truly debated posting it at all…..I wanted to have the chance to explain and to apologize to any of you who may feel the same way as this person.

Now, back to regularly scheduled posting – ok?