First I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who responded to my last post.  I appreciate all of your comments more than I can say.  And I am not gonna stress over it any more.

So it’s been a busy week!  Besides making the gift basket and cutting all the ribbon  – the boys and I made a couple pans of brownies and some cupcakes to take up to school.  I am guessing they are having a cake walk or something at the carnival tomorrow.  And my sweet Andy said he wants to win so he can pick my cupcakes.  What a sweetheart!  Like I can’t make him more any time!   But it should be fun, I know they are looking forward to it.

And here’s the rest of what was in the basket….I really hope someone likes it and bids on it!


a Target frame (tutorial here) using primas, pearls from hobby lobby and some of papertreyink’s aqua mist satin ribbon.  (which I LOVE!).  I truly think the little pearls make this so much more elegant – I love those little things!


And lastly, a quart paint can – again with the Two Scoops basicgrey papers.  I figure there’s always stuff people can store in these, right?  Tutorial Here

So that’s the basket! I’ll let you know how it does if I find out.