Thank you – and the rest of the basket

First I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who responded to my last post.  I appreciate all of your comments more than I can say.  And I am not gonna stress over it any more.

So it’s been a busy week!  Besides making the gift basket and cutting all the ribbon  – the boys and I made a couple pans of brownies and some cupcakes to take up to school.  I am guessing they are having a cake walk or something at the carnival tomorrow.  And my sweet Andy said he wants to win so he can pick my cupcakes.  What a sweetheart!  Like I can’t make him more any time!   But it should be fun, I know they are looking forward to it.

And here’s the rest of what was in the basket….I really hope someone likes it and bids on it!


a Target frame (tutorial here) using primas, pearls from hobby lobby and some of papertreyink’s aqua mist satin ribbon.  (which I LOVE!).  I truly think the little pearls make this so much more elegant – I love those little things!


And lastly, a quart paint can – again with the Two Scoops basicgrey papers.  I figure there’s always stuff people can store in these, right?  Tutorial Here

So that’s the basket! I’ll let you know how it does if I find out.

9 comments to Thank you – and the rest of the basket

  • jeanne nielsen

    Thanks for sharing the contents of your beautiful basket! I’m sure you’ll get lots of bidders on it! I want in on the cupcakes too! BTW, you handled your ribbon “problem” very diplomatically! Don’t let poor sports ruin anything you do now! I don’t know you personally, but I can tell by your postings that you are a very sincere and fair person. Thanks so much for sharing! BTW again, I got some of your Fabriano cards in the past — someone said something about a “Fabriano notecard share?” I’d want in on that! LOL! Jeanne

  • Karen Brouwer

    All your basket items are just lovely. I thought I would mention, in case you have time or didn’t think of it, to list the items that are in the basket so bidders know what they are bidding on. (I am sure you thought of that already!) Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

  • Melissa

    Beautiful basket!!! I’m sure you will have LOTS of bidders on it!! (if I was there I’d be one of them!!!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Great stuff, I am sure it will go to a HIGH bidder!! 🙂 (and one very lucky bidder I might add)

    Good for you for letting it go and I hope you and the family have a FABULOUS FUN Weekend!

  • Jackie G

    Emily, this is just gorgeous!! You KNOW I love the frame and I just know the whole basket will be a great hit!

  • Gorgeous!!! I’m sure the basket will be a huge success. 🙂

  • Diane Lapointe

    Those are beautiful Emily! Your work is amazing!!!

  • Glorie

    Your work is always fabulous! Where in HL do you get the pearls?


  • Tina Suzan

    You know I’d bid on the basket…..FOR SURE!!!! I actually don’t know how ANYBODY could resist. BUT…I am one of those CRAZY cardmaking, scrapbooking and altering lunatics!! No more stress about the “OTHER” stuff/people…okie dokie??? Good…now that’s settled!! 🙂

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