I have a problem…

Isn’t the first step admitting your problem? Well…..I’m addicted to Zaxby’s. See they just opened one across the street. And I think I’ve eaten there 4 times in the first week it was open. And I don’t usually eat fast food. Seriously, this is bad!

except I do not eat that sauce! Just BBQ for me!

For those of you who don’t know what Zaxby’s is – here’s a <link>. They have really good chicken fingers – they taste like homemade fried chicken. YUM! We used to go to Zaxby’s when we lived in Augusta, GA. I think it is a mostly Southern (or southeast) chain. I was SO excited when I saw that one was going in across the street. Before that, the close drive thru’s were limited to Burger King and Sonic. That gets old! And guess what?? The one across the street is the ONLY one in all of Texas! Dude! How did I get so lucky?!?!

But really, I’ve got to stop! I think my butt is starting to show the signs of too much fried chicken!

Anyway – I did get something made yesterday. It took forever because it just wasn’t turning out how I had envisioned. Don’t you hate it when you have an idea in your head and it just doesn’t turn out like you wanted? Well, I wanted to make a set of monogram cards for my stepmom since she had helped with the boys while I was in China. Debbie made some lovely monogrammed cards and I wanted to try some out too!  I had envisioned using my nestabilities to emboss a rectangle in the center of a white card and then put the monogram inside. Top it with ribbon and have a really elegant, simple card. Well, I just didn’t like how it turned out! So I ended up making 3 different designs – with a few of each – and giving her all of them.


supplies: papertreyink Alpha and white cardstock; nestabilities classic rectangles and circles; taken with teal ink and cardstock; ribbon from my share; SU baroque background stamp and flourish image, and dimensionals.

I think I like the one using the Baroque background stamp the best. Her favorite color is teal so that’s why they are all teal. I think in the end, I liked having 3 different versions. And perhaps for a square monogram card I might like the simple way best. I don’t know – guess I’ll continue playing with it.

And in case you decide you like them and you would like to try it – I’ll warn you, embossing that lone square was not fun. It was quite tricky getting it aligned correctly without the paper moving. I tried using a tiny piece of tape to hold the die in place, but you can’t use SU white with that as it tears the paper. Even with papertrey white you had to be very careful removing it or you would tear the paper. I had a lot of trashed scraps after this project! Now I made them using the Nestabilities dies and the Cuttlebug – perhaps you know some tricks for making that easier that I don’t!

23 comments to I have a problem…

  • that chicken looks yummy. the cards came out nice! You should get a magnetic placement mat (Ellen Hutson sells in her store) they work so well at keeping the die in place without moving.

  • Hey Emily! I hadn’t heard of Zaxby’s, but it sounds super yummy.
    We just got our first Sonic’s a few towns over – I’m so excited about that! I don’t think there are a bunch in Southern California. I had some in Arizona and it was so good!
    Lovely cards! Makes me wish I stamped.

  • i used to be addicted to Zaxby’s too! there isn’t one close to me now, or i’m sure i still would be

    some ideas: try using blue low tack painter’s tape, it might peel off easier–but it’s thicker, so it might leave an imprint….also, maybe a sheet of magnetic paper would hold the die in place? it would change your sandwich recipe though

  • You used to live in Augusta, GA? Well, I personally never lived there, but my ENTIRE family does! Including my parents now. I’m going down for a visit tomorrow, actually! Anyway…very cool. Love the monogrammed cards! You did a great job!!

  • Gail S.

    I live in MI and as far as I know there aren’t any Zaxby’s here. I’ve seen them lots of times when we’re down south, but never eaten at one. I will be now that I’ve read your comments! LOL I know both NC & SC have them and I think FL does.

  • Jean

    Darling cards Emily. I think Cindy will love them. Hey we are getting a Texas Roadhouse so that is our new biggie….

  • sharon

    The chicken does look delish…there’s a Zaxbys not far, but I’ve never been. Might have to give it a try based on your recommendation…I love fried chicken.

    The cards are lovely. Fantastic designs and the crispness of the teal agains the pure white is awesome. I’m positive your MIL will adore them.

  • Cindy


    I love the cards. You should consider putting these on your Etsy site and offer personalized monogrammed sets. Just have your customers designate their color and initial.

  • sandra

    I lived in Macon, GA and we had a Zaxby’s ! I miss it!
    Love your cards!

  • Jamie

    I LOVE Zaxby’s. We eat there at least once a week. Love their chicken (and fries) dipped in the Zax sauce. My favorite is the Blackened Blue Zalad with Blue Cheese dressing. I at least feel like I’m eating a little healthy with all the lettuce, but I know better. And the Texas Toast – to die for!!!

    Love your cards as well as your dining choices!

  • SusanH

    Congrats on the Zaxby’s – it’s my fav and there’s one about 400 yards from me (just down the street). And I’m glad to hear someone else doesn’t eat their sauce – I don’t particularly care for it (to put it nicely) but love that honey mustard!

    Now I’m hungry for chicken!

  • Jenn

    love the baroque card. I see what you mean about the lone square. It is not as bold as it should be..
    They do look gorgeous though!!

  • tiffany

    I love those cards too. I know Cindy will be very touched. Ok, for me now…pink and black…LOL!
    Oh, and we ate there last week. It is pretty good, but I still love Chicken Reds Sweet Tea

  • Emily, these are just stunning. Amazing job. I’m drooling over here!

    I also wanted to mention that a magnetic placement mat will definatley help with your nestie situtaion. Eclpse tape (handy stuff for masking….) might also work to hold the paper in place without leaving a mark or tearing the paper.

  • Emily, what if you cut out squares of chipboard with the nestabilities, glued them tgether and then just used them to emboss the paper with? That might work easier for you.

  • Hi Em! OMGosh, Zaxby’s is so YUMMO!!!
    Just moved to GA in Sept 20007. Had my first Zaxby’s on the drive to GA and now there’s one so conveniently located to me, it’s also just like a 1/4 mile from church! I think the first two weeks I lived here I ate there 10 times! 😉

  • Liz S.

    Hi, Emily, did you use removable double-sided tape? That’s what I planned to use to try something like this. Mono also makes a removable tape runner. What do you think?

  • I love Zaxby’s & b/c I live in GA I eat there all the time too. I hate their sauce as well. But b/c I’m a southern girl I just use ranch.

    As for the nestability, I see that other’s have suggested using all the tips that I was going to suggest like a magnet or repositionable tabs. Would you let us know which work for you?

  • These cards rock!

    Movin’ dies: try using Scotch Safe Release Painters Tape … you can get that at the hardware store or Home store … or if you have a piece of craft magnet material hangin’ around, try that. Both worked fine for me.

    Man, for some reason, I’m wantin’ chicken … and it’s 10:00 in the mornin’!

    ~Hugs, Deb

  • Oh I love the card with the Baroque background! So pretty! I think I might have to try that one!

    I also love Zaxby’s. I used to eat it all the time in South Caroline, but they finally put some in Tennessee and it is so yummy. And I totally eat the Zax sause soooo good!

  • I LOVE Zaxby’s. I had never been to one till we moved to NC. Now we go there all the time!

  • Lori

    We’ve been eyeing that Zaxby’s when we go to my son’s soccer games over at Webb Park – sounds like we’ll have to make a stop some time! 🙂
    I assumed by the sign that they had something to do with chicken…I’d never heard of them before.
    Love the cards! I need to get to work on some monogram cards…teacher appreciation week will be here before I know it.

  • HUH! I didn’t know you lived in Augusta! 🙂 You know we live just east of Atlanta, right? 😀

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