well…at least it’ll get fixed!

So after many hours with HP – I’ll get my laptop fixed. At their expense. But I’ll have to send it off for a new motherboard. So I’ll be without it for about 3 weeks. Yikes! I did load my photo software onto my desktop though so I can still post from there. But no curling up on the couch with my laptop for a month! Maybe it’ll keep me from sitting on my butt all day….we’ll see! Just pray that they don’t accidentally erase my hard drive, ok? I have it all backed up, but I’d rather not have to reload everything, ya know?

Anyway, here’s another card we made at class last week. I’ve got newer stuff and some other things to share, but I’m knee deep in Teacher Appreciation gifts and Mother’s Day gifts. Plus tomorrow I am going to Alex’s class to make a variation of <these> with them. I think it’ll be a cute Mother’s Day gift for them to give their mom’s. I hope they enjoy making them!

So here’s a quick post with the card…and then I”ll share something else I’ve come up with – a storage idea for ya – tomorrow. I really love this stamp set, it has so many good verses in it. And it’s quite elegant in it’s simplicity.


supplies: Everyday Blessings by PTI; flourish from Bella Brush by Fancy Pants; white, black and blush sorbet cardstock; blush sorbet and black palette inks; stampendous dot sparklers; dimensionals; blush sorbet satin ribbon; mini brads; and ticket corner punch from SU.

At the Arlington Stamp Day I got to see one of those Scotch ATG thingies in person. Wow! They really are big! I don’t think it was quite as heavy as it looks though. So I’m curious – how many of you use one of those suckers? Do you find it’s big on your table? I’m thinking it would be in my way, but the people who use them really seem to love them! I doubt I’ll be ditching my mono multi any time soon….however, Sharon (and a few other ladies) swear by this Zip Dry stuff. Sharon gave me a bottle to test it out….I’ll let you know what I think!

***ETA – I do not use mono tape runners. I use mono multi – this stuff rocks and will rip your paper to take it apart once it’s dry! I love that! Just to clarify!!***

27 comments to well…at least it’ll get fixed!

  • Charlene H.

    I have the ATG gun and the mono adhesive. I do like using the ATG but once you stick the cardstock down – it’s stuck! With the mono you have a little bit of jiggle time. When layering cardstock, you can put one piece down and still move it to center it. With the ATG you can’t really do that so you better make sure it’s centered when you first lay it down. To be honest, I still prefer the mono. I use it how you showed a while back and it lasts a long time because you don’t need a lot to hold stuff together.

  • Kathy D

    I have had an ATG for over a year and half now. The size was a difficult adjustment, but I found a great place to stash it (within arm’s reach, but OFF my craft table!). I am an adhesive addict, so it is way more cost effective for me.

  • Katydidnt/Katy

    zip Dry, huh? I don’t know about that. What if you change your mind about the layout or something’s line up crooked? Haw fast is a “zip” exactly? Plus I like that the Mono makes the card stiff when it’s dry. Sometimes our cardstock can seem floppy, especially when I use white for the base layer and I like the heft Mono gives it. One of my customers uses an ATG and it’s HUGE!

  • Julie C.

    I don’t own an ATG and have always been put off by the size of it. It just looks like it would be difficult to control and way too big for my space I have to work in. I’ve used the Zip Dry before and I thought it was very messy…it wasn’t mine but the one I used the glue kept coming out of the end when you were not using it…it stuck great but I thought it was too messy. Love my mono!

  • I LOVE my ATG! I don’t use mono anymore except if I demo. Then I use snail. ATG sticks. Your layers never come apart. I had so much trouble with mono things coming apart. The ATG is big, but once you start using it, you fall into a groove. I use it at the edge of the table, so some of my hand and the gun is below the table edge. The adhesive is much cheaper too. I was just so frustrated with the nonstaying qualities of mono. Nothing falls apart with ATG adhesive. I find I can usually get a layer apart if I take it apart immediately, and I haven’t pressed down at all on the layer. This can be frustrating at times if you can’t get a crooked one off occasionally, but much less frustrating than having all of your swaps fall apart-while you’re trading! lol Also, I find the biggness and the red color to be an advantage; I can almost always find it on my messy table! lol
    If you are happy with mono, then stay with it. But if you are using it because it’s available, but you’d like to try something else, I’d recommend an ATG. I love mine.

  • Anne Lawrie

    My ATG is wonderful to use. I keep it in a basket on my desk when not in use. It keeps things together well, yet I can still carefully remove layers stuck down with it when I change my mind. Good luck in your ultimate decision!


    P.S. Sorry to hear about your laptop. I’m spoiled by mine as well.

  • Karrie

    I love my ATG, I stand it up on edge when I am not using it instead of laying it flat, saves lots of space that way. I was using the small glue dot rollers before and they are so expensive and don’t last past 3-5 cards.

  • Love your card – especially the scrolls in the corners – I love the PTI Berry Sorbet!

  • I got an ATG because my girls and I kept running out of adhesive on card-making days…we are just beginners, so I figured I needed a huge supply of inexpensive adhesive as we make more stuff. Yeah, the size is annoying, and it does take a little getting used to positioning it on the paper, but I don’t have to press down as hard (as I did with the other dispensers).

  • I love your card, Emily!
    Have a great day! 🙂

  • I have the ATG 714 (1/4″) and I LOVE it! Yes it takes a little bit to get used to the size (but not really long) but I LOVE that it really sticks! I get tired of my mono lifting up! I also love that it doesn’t get lost on my table! I only use my mono during my demonstrations, for all my personal crafting I use my ATG gun!

  • Hey Emily,

    Don’t want to panic you but did want you to be prepared. I’ve owned two HP laptops and I’ve had to send both in for repairs. Actually both was to repalce the DVD drive and both times they competely wiped my hard drive. I don’t know why but they did. I get the feeling that might be their SOP.

    At least you backed up… 🙂

  • Nancy

    Hi Emily,
    I have had an ATG for over a year and I love it! I plunk mine down in a ceramic coffee mug on my table so the handle is up in the air for me to grab.

  • sandie994

    Hi Emily!! I love my ATG gun. I went through so many other tape runners , glues etc and it seems I would run out at bad times. Granted it is big but not heavy or awkward once you get use to it.

  • Kathie

    I have one the 1/4″. I love it and think is more economical. Those tape rolls go a long way. On some of the mesage boards folks are altering them up. The make spray paint for plastic (krylon?). I bought some in a tan color. I think if you search on twopeas gallery for ATG gun you’ll see what I mean. I don’t think the gun is too heavy. It is a little big to just tuck away, but it fits in my ‘to go” kit. I also think the adhesive is a little stronger that mono. I get refills at framingsupplies.com. Price have gone up. Right now they are $3 each. The amount is about 3X’s as many inches vs. Mono (not the newest Mono, but the one most of us use. The new Mono with the new style dispenser has a lot of inches but costs more than the old model.) Any questions, just email. 🙂

  • i had to send my HP laptop off too! just about a month ago for a motherboard replacement. I have had my DVD drive replaced twice and there was a short in my plug wire…grrrrrrr. it DID NOT take them three weeks to get it back to me though…it was actually quite quick as those things go.

  • Love my ATG! I keep it in my AMM tote along with my other tools. Works SO well for projects and cards!

  • Jean

    Emily – that card is beautiful … wow

  • Sheri Watts

    I have an ATG 714 and I love it. It is large but not as heavy has one may think it looks. I went through snail tape so fast I bought the ATG gun for cost effectiveness. I love the tape, it STICKS! My crafting table is an office desk so I keep it in a side drawer with my other pop up dots ect… Within reach.

  • This card is gorgeous!!! I don’t have an ATG but I know a lot of women that do have them and love them. Hope your class goes well tomorrow!!

  • Emily,
    I love my ATG — I use the yellow, 1/2 inch one, but I am seriously considering getting a second one (the 1/4 inch one) because I just love it so much. MY ONLY GRIPE is that there is not a “cover” in order to pack it around places without gumming things up (well, you can “rewind” but that’s a pain).

    I like to travel to craft with friends — and that’s the toughest thing.

    I agree — putting it on its edge is a good way to save table-space.
    I seriously could not live without this tool. And I have been able to pry up layers if they are not pushed down too hard. But yes, things do stay together!

  • Barb Hendrickson

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ATG. I have the red one and use 1/4 ” tape. It is a fabulous hold, no mess (I’m liquid glue challenged) and the refills are really cost effective for me. Can’t say enough good things about it, Emily. Well worth every penny spent. I could not use zip dry because of the smell. The one I have is very strong and I think I’d be making cards whilst DRUNK! ;p They may have a different glue that doesn’t smell like rubber cement, I don’t know. Hope this helps. Oh, the size of the ATG doesn’t bother me at all. I just have a place for it. It is very light weight too. 🙂


  • Angie J

    I love love love my ATG gun!!!!!!! Cant say enough good things about it. The size was something to get used too but I love it and wouldnt trade it for ANYTHING. 🙂 I still use some other adhesives for other things but for putting cards together and even scrapbook pages this is all I use. I get the gold tape so that its safe for my scrapbooks.

  • Angie J

    Also just to add, I have the red gun, the 1/4″ tape one. LOVE IT! 🙂

  • I absolutely love my ATG!! I use it for cards and scrapbooking. It is quick and easy and a lot less hassle than tape runners or glue.


  • Linda

    I absolutely love this card. It’s beautiful and what a great way to incorporate a passage from the bible onto a card.


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