Monogram Magnets

First I have to clarify something. I do *not* use mono tape runner adhesive. I use the mono multi. Huge difference! I am not at all unhappy with what I use – it’s cheap, sticks like cement, and is small. I was just curious about the other two kinds.

Also, my friend Rachel is closing the doors on her online paper crating store. You might want to check out her things as she is liquidating all her inventory…Hope Stamps Eternal. Ok, that’s all!

So the other day I was trying to think of something small, but cool that I could give to the enrichment teachers at the elementary. I did some cards at Christmas, so I didn’t want to do that. I’ve made tons of monogram cards for their teachers and for Mother’s Day….so I needed a break from those. But I wanted it to be something personalized too…..and I came up with these! I think they turned out pretty cute! I’m gonna show you the finished product and list the supplies -then I’ve got some more info on how to use the JustRite monogram stamps as well as how I did these magnets.

Here are the finished ones…..


supplies: Amy Butler Belle mat pad by K & Company; DIY Monogram stamper kit in Curlz Font and Times New Roman Font; palette noir ink pad; American Crafts memory marker for edging; classic circle Nestability dies; coasters (for the scalloped layer); and acrylic sealant.

For the magnets I used the DIY Manual Monogram Kits. I think that for individual cards – these are wonderful! It’s really easy to ink them up – especially if you want to use two different inks. You can purchase two color pads that you can ink with whatever inks you want…but if you want a specific color combo that you may or may not use again – this is ideal. This is how the actual stamp looks – the letters and borders fit into those grooves.


And this is using one of the Damask borders – they only allow for one letter monograms. But the border just fits into the notch around the outside of the stamp – just line it up so the lines are horizontal through the open space. And that is the large alpha….


So when you add the letter to the middle….it will look like this!


So to do the magnets – I stamped the image in palette noir on some of the solid Amy Butler paper. Now it is textured cardstock, so I did touch up some of the image with a marker if needed.


And here are the finished product! I just used my nestabilities to punch the monograms out. Then I chose the scallop size I wanted and ran that through on the paper and on the chipboard (I used some of the coasters I had laying around). I used mono multi to glue it all together and I ran a black marker around the edges to make it look more finished. After that I took them outside and sprayed them down front and back with Plaid Acrylic Sealant just to make a them a tad more durable. And finally I used the mono multi to put a magnet on the back. That’s it! I think they are pretty cute though! Might have to make some for my Mother’s Day gifts as well! (hear that Mom and Cindy??? What color do you want?)



Can I just say – I love that the nestabilities cut through those coasters with ease!?!?!?! Dang – seriously, those dies have to be my most favorite thing this year. So so many options with them! And I am so stoked that Scrapbookpal got them in now! Because yes, I could use my 40% off coupon and save a bit at cut@home….but – I am terribly impatient! And I know I’ll order enough to get free shipping at scrapbookpal – and have my dies in like 2 days! I love their fast shipping! You know we crafters want our stuff yesterday!

And you can still use the code EMILY at The Stamp Castle to get free shipping on orders over $40. I’ve got so many ideas on how to use these thingies – just a really cool design! Anyway, I’ve got some Mother’s Day stuff that needs to be shipped out today so I gotta get a move on!

11 comments to Monogram Magnets

  • Lori A.

    What a great idea! I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting the monogram set.

  • Kimberly

    Emily –
    Thank you so very much for sharing this step by step instructions on how to use the DIY Monogram Kits! I have been “toy”ing with this idea for a while and I think you just sent me to the other side! LOL!!! It looks very easy and I loved the recent posts that I have seen with the smaller alpha characters that you can bsically build any circular design/wording you want to!

    Thank you very much for sharing,

  • Jenn

    precious!!!!  too cute.. 

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the free shipping on the monogram set. I couldn’t resist!!
    I also used your link to and ordered too much….but thank you.

  • Thanks for the link to Hope Stamps Eternal! I spent way too much $$$ but oh well! I got some great stuff 🙂

  • Kathy D

    Thank you for the free shipping coupon!! I used it this morning, can’t wait to play.

  • Thank you! Had to order these things, just too cute!

  • So I used Cut@home finally. I waited till I had stolen enough money from the husband (ha) and I ordered one set on April 30, the next on May 1st with my coupons. The rectangles luckily had just been back in stock. I’m waiting on the circles, but to me, the cost savings is worth it, especially to get the full set. Also, I am LOVING them!!! I have a cuttlebug. I forgot to order the tan embossing mats, and tried using cardstock to emboss, but hated to waste the paper…So I came up with using cardboard from the garbage of my son’s new Transformer. So I would say, save your cereal boxes..It works perfectly! Ramble ramble ramble

  • This is such a cool thing!!

  • MaryEileen

    Thank you for the coupon code. Looks like a great new toy.

  • I just found your site. You have the cutest ideas. I’ll have to put you on my favorites list. Your probobly way to easy and professional for something like this but, if your interested I’m doing a card swap over on my blog. No pressure, I just thought, hey, it’s worth a try. Awesome site!!!

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