Jody’s ABC’s of nesting….and what’s that number??

I learned something VERY cool this weekend from the ever-fabulous Jody (aka TexasJodyLynn or the ribbon lady)! But first….dude! I passed 500,000 hits yesterday! And I’ve got a FABULOUS prize to give a way later today – so check back to get in on that one! I promise, it’s really good!

Anyway, at the card swap Jody had a really cute scalloped card. I asked her if she used the Nestabilities to make it and if she used a Cuttlebug. She said yes to both and I wanted to know HOW?!?! I’ve tried a bunch of times to make a scalloped card with my Cuttlebug and no dice. I have asked Debbie about it, but she uses the Wizard and said it’s no problem. But I could *not* get my dies to cut through 2 layers of cardstock – not even thin Whisper White!

Well, Jody said she just taught a class at her LSS called “The ABC’s of Nestabilities” or something like that. (Sorry Jody – I didn’t listen very well! I was so excited to learn how, that’s all I focused on!) Anyway – the idea is that you start from the bottom up:

A plate

B plate



C plate

Get it?!? ABC’s! So so easy to remember! Well – of course I ran home immediately after and had to try it out! Actually I left stamp day a bit early because I got really sick and later on Jenn stopped by to drop off some things and show me her swaps. And then I remembered and we both ran to try it out….and it worked perfectly! So here it is in picture form for all you visual learners!

How to Make a Scalloped Card with Nestabilities and a Cuttlebug – from texasjodylynn

(please ignore the mess around my cuttlebug! My room looks like a tornado went through it right now!)


Stack your plates with the A spacer plate, then one of the B plates. (The black part is my thin magnet)


Then place your die – cutting side up – on top of your stack. Place the *folded* cardstock so that the seam is either all the way inside the nestability or half in half out. (This one was half in half out. You can either get a half scalloped fold or a straight fold depending on how you choose to do it.)


Then place your C plate on top of your stack. (sorry that pic was blurry!)


After you run it through – this is how it should come out. It will look like it is still not cut all the way through.


However, you should be able to very easily separate the excess cardstock from your scalloped card! That’s it!!!


And you have a cute scalloped card! I am so thrilled that I can do this with my Cuttlebug! THANK YOU JODY!

And here’s what I mad with those cute cards….just the Thank You notes to go along with the magnets. Now I have to say – I made the pattern on the white panel using PTI’s Anniversary set….and I am so not good at lining things up like that. But it was easy! Yes, if you look, it’s not perfect. But when you just glance at it, it looks pretty good! Very easy to make a patterned paper to go with your cards with the clear stamps.

Now – I tried a few different things on these so here are the ones I used brown on…


supplies: Simple Little Things Anniversary set from PTI; pretty in pink and white cardstock; pretty in pink and close to cocoa ink; sponge; wide satin and tafetta ribbons; dimensionals; classic rectangle and circle nestabilities; A Muse twinkle sticker (left card); Stampendous dot sparklers (right card).

And these are the ones I used black on….


supplies: Simple Little Things by PTI; white and pretty in pink cardstock; pretty in pink and palette noir inks; American Crafts black marker for edging; satin ribbons; dimensionals; classic circle and rectangle nestabilities; pearl from Hobby Lobby (left card); A Muse twinkle stickers (two sizes – right card); liquid pearls (left card).

**the wide satin ribbon used will be the first satin share – this was a sample I got to make sure it was good**

Ok – I’ve gotta do my pilates and then I’ll work on getting that cool prize up here!

24 comments to Jody’s ABC’s of nesting….and what’s that number??

  • Cute cards, Emily! Love how you used the anniversary set!

  • Melodee

    Thanks for sharing the helpful hints with us. What kind of magnetic sheet did you use?
    Your web site is one of my favorite. I know I am responsible for many (often times more than once a day) of your 500,000 hits.

  • bunny

    Oooo! Nice!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • That is so cool. I’m thinking I really need a cuttlebug. Hmmmm, Mom’s day is coming…

  • Woo Hoo!
    It works like a charm! Thanks so much Emily, to Jody too!

  • ohhh..thanks for the refresher–awesome cards you made with those scalloped bases too!

  • Jenn

    I can’t wait until I get my nestabilities… too bad I opted for plants instead of the nestabilities.. oh well, maybe they will have them at the scrapbook show for a discount if you buy the entire package. won’t jeremy love me?

  • Natasha

    I love it Emily! Super cute….can’t wait to get my Nesties in the mail! 🙂

  • Wow, that is neat. Now I need to try that too, but I think having a magnet layer will help, huh? Your cards are so pretty. I love the pink and white.

  • Thank you for sharing in picture tutorial form! Guess I’m one of “those” learners! 🙂

  • Bev Hammack

    You are the bomb!! I have been trying to figure this out too! Thanks so much for sharing! I told you I’m still learning from ya! Hope to see you in the store soon.

  • Shirley Hendrickson

    Why did you use the magnetic sheet? Your tutorial is wounderful. My first time on your blog.

  • Kheila

    Emily, thank you so much for always sharing with us new things that you learn. I will definitely be doing some of these cards now. Your cards are absolutely adorable!!!

  • I have got to get me some of these. you make it look so easy.


  • Jody Morrow

    I am SO glad it worked for you, Emily! YAY! Your write up was fabulous as always! I love the cards you made as well! I think I need one of those magnetic sheets. Where do I find one? Thanks girlie! 🙂 HUGS!

  • Thanks Emily! I’d been struggling with cutting through two pieces as well. Had to roll it like 4 times and turning it at each end….can’t wait to try this! Your cards are absolutely adorable!

  • Elaine

    Pretty cards! Thanks for sharing the “how to” for this type of card base.

  • bluemoon

    I love your darling scalloped cards. Thanks for the instructions, I hope one day I will have some nestabilities. i have heard from some that you need a tan mat on top of the cs from a few ??? Congratulations also on hitting 500K, wow, I cannot imagine this, it’s incredible for you! 🙂 thx again. Happy Day 🙂

  • These are very pretty! I too tried a scalloped circle card with my bigshot and had trouble cutting through the two layers of CS. WIll try it again!

  • Julie Hughes

    Do you find that your c plate gets all cut up? I use this sandwich but was afraid to mess up my c plate b/c I don’t see those replacements alot. I have the white plate, then I have the c plate, then a scrap cardboard, like a frozen weight watchers lunch, etc, then my cardstock, then my die, cutting side down, then my b plate. It does cut through my cardstock and sometimes the cardboard, but doesn’t ruin my c plate.

  • Thanks for the tutorial! I’m getting a Cuttlebug for Christmas, could you do more tutorials about how to use it and can you tell us where your fave places to buy dies are? Thanks! Any tips and tricks for using the Cuttlebug would be great too!

  • Beverly Bayley

    Great ! The pictures were terrific. My only question is what is a thin magnet? I have never seen this before. Where can they be purchases? Is there a special section of a store? Thanks for answering my questions?

  • marion wilkes

    hi jody, many thanks for doing the lovely card, with the round edges, I have done it with the oval edge and it comes up super. my nestabilities only have long squares rather than square, squares, if you can follow that, but I will have a go at them, love your work. marion.

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