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Well I had high hopes of accomplishing a lot yesterday…..and shortly after I worked out I got horribly sick!  I don’t think my stomach has ever felt that awful!  I’m not 100%  today, but much better.  And of course, I have 5000 errands to do today!  Take boys to school, get model magic for Andy, take Adam to school, go back to first school and take boys to book fair, home, pick up first set of boys early, pick up Adam early, drop two boys off at SIL’s, take 3rd boy to dr.  Then tonight right after dinner, it’s back to school for PTA, ice cream, etc.  Fun times.   I think I need a nap already.  And I can’t stomach my usual coffee yet either.  Bummer.

Anyway – just wanted to see if y’all were watching Idol – David Cook is freakin awesome and he’s from my home town!  Yep, my little sister will graduate from Blue Springs South where his home town concert was…..she went to the parade and concert last week.  How cool!  So next week – make sure you are voting!!!  Besides the fact that he’s from my home town – he’s just BETTER!!!!!

And now for the crafty part.  I’m still adjusting to the move to the desktop for all computer things so I’ve had to load my photo program, etc.  (Ok, let’s be honest – Matthew loaded my photo program, moved all laptop things to an EHD, etc) So now it’s ready for me to do all my junk on.  So here’s those teacher appreciation gifts I gave last week…


supplies: DIY Monogram stamper kit; pink passion cardstock and ink; white cardstock; Fancy Pants flourish from Pollen Dust; dimensionals; classic circle nestabilities; may arts taffeta ribbon; and grosgrain ribbon from my share. 



supplies: DIY Monogram Stamper Kit; cool caribbean (I think!) cardstock and ink; white cardstock; may arts taffeta ribbon; grosgrain ribbon from my share; dimensionals; classic circle nestabilities; Fancy Pants flourish from Bella Brush. 

And I’ve been asked exactly which nestabilities I use for the monogram stamps.  So here ya go!

Monogram layer – Classic Circle Nestabilities – Small (I believe it is the 3rd smallest to do the monogram with the border)

First Scalloped layer – Classic Scalloped Circle Nestabilities – Small (the second smallest to layer under the plain circle)

Second Scalloped layer – Classic Scalloped Circle Nestabilities – Large (the second smallest to layer under the other scalloped layer)

I hope that helps!  And the free shipping with an order over $40 is still the code EMILY at The Stamp Castle if you are interested!   They also have several video tutorials on their homepage <here> if you would like to see them in action. Just scroll all the way down on the page!

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  • Sara

    DC is better, and that’s exactly why he should lose. If he loses, he’s not tied to Idol for a year, he can make his own music, not what they want him to make, and he doesn’t have to do what they say. He can do his own thing, ala Daughtry………….

  • I am so sorry you’re not feeling well and man are you a busy woman! I love all of the monogrammed cards. You do such gorgeous work! 🙂

  • I am loving this monogram tool! Your gifts are awesome and so are the recipients! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  • Jean

    Those are beautiful cards Emily, the boys’ teachers will love them. I love the design.

    … well here in Blue Springs (aka David Cook Land) we want him to win because he IS AWESOME. David A. is too young, and a broadway type singer, not an Idol. What the heck was up with Fantasia….oh my gosh, the look on Simon’s face was priceless. We rewound it just to see that look again.


  • Sandy in NH


  • Hi Emily-
    I got this stamp kit yesterday in the mail and was wondering how to get different color inks onto your stamp. It comes with black and one side dry. Can I just use my regular stamp pad to ink them? What do you do?

    I will take the answer offline ;-).

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