Easy Lemonade Pie

I know – it’s been forever since I have shared a recipe! Partly because I’ve been in a funk lately about cooking. This is probably why I’ve gained 10 lbs in the past 4 months. That and turning 30…..darn it! Anyway, this is a SUPER easy recipe and it is absolutely yummy!


Easy Lemonade Pie

6 oz frozen lemonade concentrate – slightly thawed

4 c vanilla ice cream – slightly thawed

graham cracker pie crust

Mix ice cream and lemonade in a bowl. Pour in to pie crust. Freeze. Eat.

Seriously, that’s it. And you can use all sorts of flavored concentrates to change it up! You could top it with whipped cream…..but I don’t like whipped cream so I didn’t. And to make it fun for the kids this time, I used the individual graham cracker crusts so they each got their own tiny pie. They loved it! YUMMY!

If you wanna see any of my other recipes I’ve posted in the past, you can find them at the top under my header – just click on Recipes. Or click <here>.

And just a reminder about my friend Rachel’s store. She’s still liquidating everything so catch it while she still has it! I saw she got some of this luscious paper by my fave – Corina Nielsen – it’s her newest line for Prima, Whisper. I got a bunch – for just over $10 it’s a steal!!! And I opened mine up and the papers are so gorgeous!!! And it comes with a few matching prima’s – what could be better?!?

Alrighty – it’s field day at the boys school tomorrow. I promised I’d stop by for a bit. I am pretty excited that it’s only a high of 76 tomorrow instead of the boiling 90 or something it was last year on field day. I can tolerate 76!

10 comments to Easy Lemonade Pie

  • That looks yummy, Em! I’m gonna have to give it a try! Thanks for sharign it with us. Have fun at field day! I’ll be doing the same thing, here! I agree, it’ll be nice to have cooler weather this year.

  • I’ve been doing the non-cooking funk thing too. Oh wait, I’ve been gaining 10 pounds too? Crap, Anyway, I had that pie at a baby shower once, only they used pink lemonade. Holy Heaven. No wonder I gained 10 pounds.

  • Jean

    Have a blast today and field day…we have picnic at the park day at our school today. We walk 450+ kids (grades kindergarten-fifth) to the park (about 5-6 blocks away for the day and walk them back. It is supposed to be a gorgeous day. LOVE IT. The only glitch is that it is downhill on the way there and uphill on the way back, so uphill this afternoon when the kids are all tired from playing all day.

    Enjoy the day…. I forgot about that pie recipe. yum

  • OHHHH MY GOSH I REALLLLY hope you knew that “The New Kids on the Block” were preforming on the Today show this AM!! OH my gosh.. But really Johnathan is looking lost right now he is off beat with the other guys l lol..

    OHHHH I hope you are watching!!! ((HUGS))) lol

  • Melissa

    YUMMY!! I cannot wait to make this!! Thanks for sharing the receipe!!

  • Alison

    Emily, you are such an enabler! I just hit up Rachel’s site for both the Prima collection and Figgy Pudding. First you got me started on Piece-A-Cake albums at Shabby Princess, then the Mono Multi at Scrapbook Pal, now this. My credit card thanks you!

  • Sherri P

    Emily, I wanted to read what you had to say about NKOTB on the Today show this morning — hope you saw it! I was at Muffins with Mom at my daughter’s school this morning, so I missed it! It’s a rainy, chilly, miserable day here outside of Philly, and the weather looked the same in NYC, but it didn’t seem to have prevented people from showing up. They said people were lined up 48 hours before their performance, and they thought it was the biggest crowd ever!
    Your pie recipe sounds like something we would like, and, I’ve got you beat — I think I have to lose more like 20 pounds, but I’ve also got over 10 years on you!
    Enjoy field day!!

  • BethW

    This is not good-lemon desserts are my favorite things in the whole world-and now I have another to try!

  • Seriously, Emily–that could be the shortest recipe/directions I’ve ever seen!!! And it looks delish! What a super yummy summer pie! Cool! tfs it and your friends store info.! Fun! Gotta get me some of that! hugs!

  • Dorothy Freber

    I decided to try the Easy Lemonade Pie to take to our annual Cub Scouts picnic
    this past Saturday, and it was the hit of the picnic. I had everyone ask for the recipe, and I gave all the credit to you. I cannot believe how easy and tasty this pie really was. Thanks so much for the ammo I needed for the picnic.

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