Ok – this is just a little Public Service Announcement regarding the Palette Ink Pads – specifically the Papertrey Ink Perfect Match ink pads.

In my experience, it is usually best to store ink pads upside down. It keeps the ink close to the surface of the pad so that you get better coverage on your stamps when you ink them up. Stampin Up! even designed their pads so that when you close them, the ink pad portion is stored upside down automatically.

THIS IS NOT TRUE FOR PALETTE INK PADS! Or at least not the colored ones. I do store my black and white ones upside down.


And here is a visual demonstration of why this is not true for the palette ink pads:


Do you see the problem? When you store the pad upside down, the ink is too rich to match the cardstock! Not good when you are coordinating! And when you are as completely AR as I am about things matching perfectly – this is not ok! Now, after 2 days with the ink pad stored the regular way – pad side up – it stamped a perfectly matching image (the one on the right.)

 ***ETA – the darker one was stamped 2 weeks ago.  So yes, it is completely dry!***

So that’s my PSA: Store palette ink pads right side up so your inks will still match your cardstocks!