PSA: Palette Inks

Ok – this is just a little Public Service Announcement regarding the Palette Ink Pads – specifically the Papertrey Ink Perfect Match ink pads.

In my experience, it is usually best to store ink pads upside down. It keeps the ink close to the surface of the pad so that you get better coverage on your stamps when you ink them up. Stampin Up! even designed their pads so that when you close them, the ink pad portion is stored upside down automatically.

THIS IS NOT TRUE FOR PALETTE INK PADS! Or at least not the colored ones. I do store my black and white ones upside down.


And here is a visual demonstration of why this is not true for the palette ink pads:


Do you see the problem? When you store the pad upside down, the ink is too rich to match the cardstock! Not good when you are coordinating! And when you are as completely AR as I am about things matching perfectly – this is not ok! Now, after 2 days with the ink pad stored the regular way – pad side up – it stamped a perfectly matching image (the one on the right.)

 ***ETA – the darker one was stamped 2 weeks ago.  So yes, it is completely dry!***

So that’s my PSA: Store palette ink pads right side up so your inks will still match your cardstocks!

15 comments to PSA: Palette Inks

  • Wow, I am one of the ones who had issues with my pad changing color and never thought that it could be from storing it upside down. Thanks so much for discovering this, Emily!

  • Thanks for the info—I have all those on my “short wish list”—which means hopefully I’ll get them sooner than later! I just assumed I’d need to store them upside down. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Thankful I store mine right side up but You might want to give the guys over at PTI a heads up… I think they are working with the manufacturing company on why their Aqua Mist has changed color for some people!

    PS. Long time lurker on your blog! 🙂


  • Thanks for the PSA. I too had this issue with my PTI Aqua Mist but it wasn’t because I stored it upside down. I think it was just a bad batch. Who know right, but good to know for future….for sure.

    I am AR as well- I seriously freaked when my colour was different!!!!

  • This is funny, because I prefer the way the one made with the upside down pad looks!!! Maybe IRL the match is closer with the pad right side up. so confusing!!

  • melissa F

    Thanks for the info. I was one of the people who sent may Aqua mist inkpad back to PTI because it did not match and I had been storing it upside down. I’m running up not to turn them all right side up. Thanks for the info.

  • OMGoodness – genius!!! Truly -thanks Emily!! 🙂

  • Hey, Emily, did the darker one dry completely? If so, wow! Big difference there! I think I’ve been storing mine upside down, but I probably use them enough that they need to be reinked anyway. ;-D TFS!

  • Melanie Muenchinger

    good tip, thanks for the pics and post, I have a few SU! pads that are way too dark to match the CS, and couldn’t get DS (to exchange them) so maybe I just need to try sotring them upside down!!(so they’re right side up”!) fingers crossed that it works!

  • Whaddya mean, “AR?” Doesn’t everyone keep their stamps super-clean?!?

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Palette ink sitch … I’ve been really unhappy with the colors (and coverage) lately, and am now wondering if it’s becuz I store ’em upside down. Off to flip ’em all over … but thanks for sharing, Em! You’re the bestest!

    ~Hugs, Deb

  • Wow! Thanks for this information! I read your blog frequently and this is the best tip by far. I was wondering what was going on with my Aqua Mist and this explains it…walking off to put the ink pads right side up.

  • Oh THANKYOU for the tip on the ink pads! I was wondering why my Aqua Mist looks so GREEN! You are my new hero, lol! Off to put switch up those ink pads!

  • I did just recently buy my first palettes and even though i didn’t even think to store them upside down, now I won’t for sure. And I’m jealous that you have that aqua mist. I’ve been trying for ages to get that and out on a limb. I guess I’ll just have to wait till June

  • Thank you so much! Mine were stamping kind of splotchy so hopefully this will take care of that!

  • cherylquilts at scs

    FYI…just reading this very late. PTI has resolved this issue with the manufacturer. Contact PTI. 🙂

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