Title…hmmm, I got nothin…..

Well, we made it safe and sound!  I stupidly forgot to have Adam pack a bag of toys for the car trip…..so he was a bit bored. We had the speed racer car he got in his happy meal when we stopped for lunch and a notebook and pen I had in my purse.  Lesson learned – make sure the kid has toys!

This is another card we made at class this week.  I love the soft simplicity.  I ended up making about 8 of these just for myself to use.  I love the white and cool caribbean together……think ocean!


supplies: Simple Little Things by papertreyink; new canvas palette ink; clear button; white and cool caribbean cardstock; Silk flower from Heidi Swapp; silver cord from SU; large glue dots; 3/8 satin ribbon.

I based this one of Nichole Heady’s samples for this set.  I love how easy it is to make patterns with these stamps and I wish they were available for purchase!  I feel kinda bad saying how I love them if people can’t buy them!  But I do love them!  I guess that means I better make sure I buy another 12 sets this year too so I can get the free set for next year, lol!  I mean, I wouldn’t want to resort to paying $60 on ebay for it later!  (And yes, I did see it going for that much on ebay!) That’s great rationalization – right?

Anyway – I love how the white ink looks on there.  New Canvas by Palette stamps really light – almost hard to see at all. But as it dries it really brightens.  It stamped much better than SU craft white – and dried much faster and more color-fast too.  Just a little of my thoughts on that ink for ya!  Have a great Saturday!

7 comments to Title…hmmm, I got nothin…..

  • I will absolutely be making sure to get my 12 sets bought this year…

    What is this white ink you speak of?? I hate the SU craft white.

  • Nevermind, I just looked it up.

  • I LOVE that card—this is a keeper for sure. Yes, I have heard so many wonderful things about that Anniversary set—-I haven’t seen that New Canvas Palette Ink—thanks for letting us know—it looks “cleaner” than the SU craft white. Have a great time at your sister’s graduation….I’ll bet you can’t believe she’s graduating! I have a huge gap in my kids—9 years from the “first youngest” to the “baby”—I’m so glad to hear that you are close! I want mine to stay close, too!

  • Kim

    Beautiful card! It’s so soft and pretty…a perfect card to have on hand for any ocassion!

  • This is beautiful, Emily!

  • Melissa

    Love this card!! Its great for just about any occassion!!


  • Lori A.

    Beautiful card! It’s very soothing.

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